Instructions and Video Demo of Spirit Jailbreak for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

SpiritThe Spirit jailbreak is a very quick and easy jailbreak. It can jailbreak all devices including all versions of the iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad. It can jailbreak devices on firmware 3.1.2, 3.1.3, or 3.2. This is not an unlock, so do not use this jailbreak if you want to keep your iPhone unlocked. Below are step-by-step instructions and a video tutorial on how to use the jailbreak.

NOTE: The first time we tested the Spirit jailbreak, it was with a device that was restored from a backup and we got the SWOD. However, when we tested the jailbreak again using a device with a clean restore (not from a backup) it worked perfectly.

Here are the simple steps:
1. Download the Spirit jailbreak file HERE (available for both Mac and PC)
2. Connect your device to your computer via USB
3. Open the Spirit file you saved to your computer
3. Run the jailbreak.
4. After the computer says it’s done you will have to wait for the device to jailbreak and reboot. It will look like this during the process.


Below is a video tutorial of the jailbreak on an 1st Gen iPhone:

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  1. Works well on the iPad. Only did it to run backgrounder for faster app switching when working. Works great!

    Btw … Will this place be ipadschool as well?

  2. critter says

    I’ve jail broken my iPad twice. Once with each version of spirit. Each time my location services would fail. Maps couldn’t even find my location. Restored and everything works fine again. Anyone else notice this?

    • Works for me. Wifi model. Were you installing something other than just jailbreaking? I’ve only installed sb settings, ifile and backgrounder.

    • odd. Hadn’t installed anything except the essentials that were immediate after the cydia install.. although.. I think I might have installed OpenSSH. I’ll have to give it another try again this evening…

    • Yup. Open ssh breaks location services. It says on the compatibility google doc. There is an easy fix, though.

  3. I installed spirit last night on my 3gs with the most up to date software, OS and spirit. It’s the first jaibreak I’ve done since my 2g over a year ago. The only problem I have found is my alarm didn’t work properly this morning. The clock app that come on the iPhone. I installed Backgrounder, Proswitcher, Open SSH, SB settings and winterboard, all seems to work great.

    • Huh weird… I haven’t heard of the Clock issue. I hope you weren’t late to something! Sounds like you have installed some of the essentials! Glad they are working good for you.

      PS. Welcome back to the jailbreak community! :)

    • Oh yea, the jailbreak apps work great on the 3gs. Today I downloaded, overboard, resupported, lockinfo and aptbackup. I really like Overboard and Proswitcher, I’m suprised at how fast it works.

      Is there a good backup solution for jailbeak apps, one that reinstalls with prefs also?

      I haven’t tried resupporter yet with my cable yet, but I will in a few.

  4. Just installed spirit on iPod touch 3.1.3 and now app sync will not load from cydia any ideas?

  5. I’d like to thank anyone who created this jailbreak as it’s the first time I’ve jailbroken my iPhone 3G. This is so easy it’s really a question of WHY you don’t jailbreak now! Thanks Jailbreak Team! ;)

  6. Christopher says

    Just run this for my 1st Gen iPod Touch running 3.1.3. Progress bar gets to the end, then the endless rotary ‘wait’ icon appears over the top, and nothing more. I’ve waited for about 1/2 an hour now…

  7. I’ve tried to install Spirit on my Iphone with 3.1.3 and I’ve failed because Spirit asked for iTune 9.0. Even I’ve reinstall iTune 9.0 I cannot use Spirit Why?