WiCarrier – Change Carrier in Status Bar to WiFi Network Name

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

WiCarrier WiCarrier is a pretty cool little hack that changes the carrier name on your status bar to display the WiFi network name when connected to WiFi. For example, our WiFi network at home is ahhyeah. So, when I am connected to our home WiFi, instead of saying AT&T on the status bar it says ahhyeah. Another cool little feature of the hack is that you can tap the WiFi network and it will display your local IP address. When you are no longer connected to WiFi, it will go back to displaying your carrier name.

This hack works in fine if your carrier name has been changed using MakeItMine (or similar). When you are no longer connected to WiFi, it will switch back to your modded carrier name.

I personally think this hack would be very cool on an iPad where there is ample status bar space. On the iPhone and iPod touch, it works great if you are connected to WiFi with a short name however if the WiFi network has a longer name, it looks a little messy.

There is one thing I would love to see with this hack and that is the ability to toggle it on and off. Currently, when you install the app via Cydia, it automatically changes. It does not install an app on your device or add it as an option in the stock Settings application. In order to remove the hack it has to be uninstalled in Cydia. It would be sweet if it was added in your stock Settings application and you could easily toggle it on and off.

You can get WiCarrier via the BigBoss source.


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  1. I do not see it in the Bigboss repo.

  2. Hi.

    i would really like to test this out on my ipad. however, whenever i open/refresh cydia, i couldn’t find this app. As far as I know, bigboss’ repo hasn’t changed.

    Any insights?


    • Did you try just searching for it in Cydia or, it is under the category Tweeks. We currently have it installed on three devices so it’s got to be there. Let me know if you still cannot find it.

    • Ok guys, we just figured out the problem… you most likely have the User filter on in Cydia. If you would like to change this, you can go to the Manage tab in Cydia then the Settings option in the upper left corner then select the Developer (No Filter) option. You will then be able to see WiCarrier in Cydia. In changing this filter, you may see more packages in Cydia that you may not nessisarily be interested in so it’s up to you if you want to change it.

    • Thanks brooke!!! after changing it to developer option, i was able to search for it!! Thanks again!!

    • No problem! You may now see apps in Cydia that you may not necessarily want but, if you are cautious on what you install you should be fine. Enjoy.

    • I got it to show up in Cydia I installed it but I cannot get it to run. Anything im missing? its for the new iPhone 4.


  3. Kentaurus says

    Same for me. Cant find it in cydia. Has it been deleted or do we have to add another source?

  4. haribofan says

    definetely no there , tried search and looked under tweaks but nothing .

  5. haribofan says

    thanks brooke . that did the trick .

  6. Just installed on my iPhone 3G. Works great. Thanks for the nice work! BTW… anyone know what app is shown on the screen pics that places the weather on the notify bar? I’d like that, too. Thanks!!

    • You will need to install WeatherIcon mod via the ModMyi source. Once installed, go into your stock Settings application and find the Weather Icon option. You will want to turn on the Status Bar Image and the Status Bar Temp features.

      You will also need to have a weather icon image package installed from Cydia in order for the weather image to display in the status bar… I use Katra-based Weather Icons via the david.ashman.com source. The Katra-based Weather Icon theme has to be turned on in WinterBoard.

      Hope that helps. Let me know if any of that does not make sense.

    • Fantastic. That did it! I actually had everything installed (for Lock Info) except the katra-based weather icons.

      I installed that and turned it on via WinterBoard and re-sprung and everything is there on the notify bar. Thanks SO MUCH for the help. It is very much appreciated! :)

    • No problem! Glad it worked!

  7. DoubleDigit says

    Hey.. inda unrelated question… anyone knows what theme is the one on the screenshots?


  8. As a side note, it appears that this mod disables custom carrier logos.

    • It doesn’t for me. When I disconnect wifi it switches back to my custom carrier. I used MakeItMine to change the carrier.

    • Yes, MakeItMine works fine with this as stated in the article. I have replaced the actual PNG carrier image with a custom one. As soon as I installed this mod, the carrier switched to “AT&T” and removed my custom PNG.

  9. Could someone help me?

    I have 3gs with jailbreakme 2 running on 4.0.1. Followed Brook’s instruction above, I installed:

    – Lockinfo
    – Katra-based Weather icon from david.ashman source
    – wicarrier

    I tried to install Weathericon but it crashed every time so I uninstalled.

    Question: Must I install Weathericon in order to me to use Wicarrier? Am I missing something? Please help.

    • I don’t know what I was thinking in my last message so please ignore it. All I want to do is to install Wicarrier but unable to get it working. I have 3gs with jailbreak 2 running on 4.0.1. I installed Wicarrier but unable to see it in the status bar. I also used Makeitmine to remove the carrier name.

      Any thoughts from anyone???


    • pdx_msu_spartan says

      I am also having the same issue. 3G Jailbroken to 4.01 and have tried verion 1.0 and 1.0-1 with no such luck. Any ideas?

  10. When I sign in my wifi network it says the name with padlock what does that mean ?

  11. i have tried ON my iPhone4 4.2.1 it’s not supported WiCarrier 1.1.1 also i have tried Makeitmine it’s say’s

    Enter Taext then tap Banner or Carrier
    Leaave blank to remove setting
    when cleaning the carrier, you may need to respring before the change will show up.

    after Enter taxt if press Banner or Carrier nothing happend
    if press Respring spring board reset nothing happend

    any idea ………


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