1. I just got it and I like it so far. Until now I was using GReaderApp which is basically using the Google reader mobile webapp.

    2 things I don’t like with the app so far though:

    – I wish there was a way to de-activate the unread count badge. I always have unread articles (a lot) and it just looks messy.

    – The Google Reader mobile webapp has the convenience of having the read article expand within the list itself meaning when you are at the bottom of the article, you can keep scrolling down and see the rest of the list and tap the next article you want to read. With this app, you have to tap Back everytime which makes things a bit slower.

    Otherwise, the app seems quite good.

    • If you go into the Settings, you are able to turn off the unread count badge. It is under the heading “Home Screen” in the settings. Just toggle the Show Unread Count feature off.

      Also, you can actually go to the next article by swiping to the right… that is a new feature of the update to version 3.0. So… you don’t have to go back every time now… which was definitely a downfall of the previous version.

      Hope that helps!

    • Thanks Brooke. I didn’t notice the setting to hide the count badge. That’s a lot better now.

      Regarding your 2nd point, I did notice the swipe left/right to navigate to previous/next articles, but I still prefer seeing the whole list as I often dint read everything in a feed and like to skip some.

      In any case, that’s a minor issue and the benefits definitely outweigh it.

    • OK I’ve found another problem (this one more important to me). I have quite a few comic strip feeds that shows the comic as an article. Usually Google Reader mobile shrinks the images to fit the screen and gives a “zoom in” option to enlarge to full size. There’s no such option on this app meaning all my comic strips are unreadable :(

    • OK I don’t understand this app. It doesn’t actually get all the posts in the feeds. One of my feed shows 14 new posts, but on the web based Google Reader, it shows more than 25. If I mark all as read though with the app, it makes all 25+ posts marked as read. I’m missing a lot of articles this way !

  2. I’ve been using this since it first came out and I loved it from the start. I haven’t been able to find another app quite like it. It’s one of my top apps that I use on a daily basis.
    I initially needed a feed reader that could store the feeds for offline viewing, since I originally owned an iPod Touch, but then I purchased an iPhone and I still use it to this day.
    It’s nice to see that its finally getting a review here.

  3. How does it compare to NetNewsWire?