Friday Night Movie Night: Graviboard [Video]

Tonight’s Friday Night Move Night is Graviboard, a mod that “brings gravity to the homescreen.” Once it is installed and activated, your icons are “affected by gravity”. Check out the video demo below. I personally have not installed this app. I just can’t bring myself to pay $2.99 for fun app. However, I am curious to know if you can tap on an icon to open an app while this mod is activated. I’m guessing you probably can not. If you have purchased this app… let me know in the comments what you think of it. You can get Graviboard via the BigBoss source.

App Description:
Requires iOS4+

Turn on the gravity!

Graviboard is a tweak that brings gravity to the homescreen, and is guarenteed to amaze both you and your friends. When activated, all the icons on your homescreen will fall down (or up!) and the chaos will begin!

Use your finger to drag and fling icons!

Tilt your device and the icons follow!

Change the force of gravity – even to negative gravity.

No new icons are added to your homescreen. You can configure options from your Settings app.



Available In: Cydia       Price: $2.99  
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  1. You can open apps, but you can switch pages until you deactivate it.

  2. Just as Zak said, you can launch apps but not change pages. Furthermore, the dock doesn’t rotate with the device when activated and it uses activator to enable/disable it. When launching an app, your homescreen is back to normal after exiting. And there are 4 types of ‘gravity’ settings, with 1 called ‘custom’ where you can fling your icons across your screen manually (or set a value for gravity). Folders don’t work when activated, and there’s an option called ‘show HUD’ that shows an overlay display when you (de)activate graviboard. And that’s about it. All-in-all probably not worth the money.

  3. You also can’t open folders..

  4. Imahottguy says

    I beg to differ. On my iPad, this tweak is pretty slick. My two year old loves it! I have it set to pinch to activate, and spread to deactivate, or launch an app or hit the home button. It would be nice if the dock rotated on your iPhones, but sine it does on iPad natively, it really streamlines itself into the springboard. Well worth the money. I guess YMMV, especially as to what one would pay for tweaks, but I really dig it- rather, my Son REALLY digs it. He activates it and says “Daddy! Oh no! iPad broke!” And laughs- priceless :-)

  5. Can anyone please tell me what the springboard wallpaper is that is used on the screenshots above?!