CustomBadges – Create Custom Badges

CustomBadges is an application that allows you to create custom badges… go figure! :) A custom badge can be added to any icon on your SpringBoard and can include; text, numbers, emojis, symbols… basically anything on your keyboard. It seems like it fits best to have a custom badge that is five characters or less. Once you have more than five characters it does not display correctly.

The app is pretty simple to use… once installed from Cydia, you can tap and hold any icon to put your icons into “wiggle” mode once they are wiggle just double tap on the icon your would like to create a custom badge for… this will bring up a pop-up allowing you to create a custom badge. Removing a custom badge is just as simple… once again put your icons into “wiggle” mode, tap the icon that has the badge you would like to remove and select the Clear option in the pop-up.

The only catch I have found is that if you set a custom badge to an icon that has it’s own badges, for example like the App Store icon, the stock badge will override the custom badge. So, if you set a custom badge to the App Store and then you have a few apps that need updates, the number badge will override the custom badge and will display the number of updates in the badge instead of the one you created.

This app does not add an icon to your SpringBoard but it is added into the stock Settings application. There are not settings for the app itself but, if you forget how to use the app… you can go into the stock Settings app and get instructions there. You can get CustomBadges via the BigBoss source.


Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  
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  1. Where is this ????not in BB repo
    I was told twas removed by another journalist>?

  2. found it, search for badges =)