ListLauncher – Alphabetical List of Apps in Spotlight Search Page

ListLauncher is an application that displays all installed apps (both jailbreak and App Store) in alphabetical order on the spotlight search page. This does not affect the actual spotlight search feature. Instead, when you scroll to get to the spotlight search page, it will display an alphabetical list of all your apps right away… before you use the spotlight search. You can then quickly scroll through the list to find the app you are looking for and just like with the spotlight search feature, you can tap the app in the list to open that specific application. You can still use the spotlight search feature like normal and it’s results are still in order of contacts, applications, email, sms, web… and are not changed to alphabetical order. So basically this just adds a feature and does not affect the stock spotlight search feature at all.

When I tested it… it worked fine which I would expect… it’s a pretty simple little application. Also, there is no icon added to your SpringBoard or any settings for this application. When you install it in Cydia, it automatically activates. You can get ListLauncher via the BigBoss source.


Available In: Cydia       Price: $0.99  
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