ListLauncher – Alphabetical List of Apps in Spotlight Search Page

ListLauncher is an application that displays all installed apps (both jailbreak and App Store) in alphabetical order on the spotlight search page. This does not affect the actual spotlight search feature. Instead, when you scroll to get to the spotlight search page, it will display an alphabetical list of all your apps right away… before you use the spotlight search. You can then quickly scroll through the list to find the app you are looking for and just like with the spotlight search feature, you can tap the app in the list to open that specific application. You can still use the spotlight search feature like normal and it’s results are still in order of contacts, applications, email, sms, web… and are not changed to alphabetical order. So basically this just adds a feature and does not affect the stock spotlight search feature at all.
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SpotSMS Updated – Adds Setting Options

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

SpotSMS SpotSMS, a mod allows the stock Spotlight Search to search within your SMS (and MMS) messages, was update to version 0.4. The update adds the predicted Settings options.

Once updated, you can go into your stock Settings application and you will see a SpotSMS option. Below is a list of the Setting options. You can get SpotSMS via the BigBoss source. [Read more…]

SpotSMS Update – Now Displays Contact’s Name in Spotlight SMS Results

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

SpotSMS SpotSMS, s a mod allows the stock Spotlight Search to search within your SMS (and MMS) messages, received an update to version 0.2. The update changes the search results so that they display the contact’s name instead of just the phone number from which the text was received/sent. However, I noticed that even though most of results now display the Contact’s name, some still display the phone number. There doesn’t seem to be any specific reason that some display the name and others do not… let me know in the comments if you are experiencing the same thing. [Read more…]

SpotSMS – Adds SMS Results to Spotlight Search

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

SpotSMS SpotSMS is a mod, that once installed, allows the stock Spotlight Search to search within your SMS (and MMS) messages. There is no icon for this mod, it is a code mod. It is activated as soon as it is installed and would have to be uninstalled to be removed.

To use the mod, you can go into the stock Spotlight Search and enter text that you would like to search for. The search will start when you have entered at least three characters. SMS results will have the Messages icon next to them. You can tap on an SMS result to view the full text message. [Read more…]

Universal Search

Available In: Cydia       Price: $4.99  

Universal SearchIf you want to do more with search on your iPhone, check out Universal Search in Cydia. This app lets you search Google, Wikipedia, Twitter, Flickr, ESPN and a lot more! Best of all, you can do it from the spotlight search. Just type in your search item then tap search. The keyboard will disappear and show scrolling icons for sites you can search. Some, like images, expand to give you more choices. Tapping the icon will take you to it’s webapp using that search term. You can reorder the additional search options in the app’s settings.


Install More Than 180 Apps, Then Launch From Spotlight

SearchDavid Pogue, the tech columnist for the New York Times, recent tweeted that you can install more than 180 apps on your iPhone and then access them via Spotlight search:

You can install UNLIMITED APPS! Only 180 show up as icons—but Spotlight can find and open all of them! (And yes, we tried. Stopped at 250!)

The only problem I see to this is that if you install your 181th app, you won’t be able to move it to a page to organize your apps since you can’t see it on any of your home screens. You’d also have to uninstall the app via iTunes on your computer because you can’t see it to tap and hold on it if you wanted to uninstall. [Read more…]

SpotBright Update – Fixes Crashing and Web Clip Launching Issues

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

SpotBright Yesterday, there was an update to SpotBright, a Spotlight enhancement application. The update fixes some crashes problems that a few people were experiencing and fixes launching of web clips. After testing, I’m still having a little bit of trouble with web clips. Let me know in the comments how it is working for you. [Read more…]

SpotBright – Makes Spotlight Search Launch Hidden Apps

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

SpotBright SpotBright is an application that was created to enhance the Spotlight search feature on firmware 3.0. The app allows hidden apps to be launched and “keeps a list of recently launched applications, so you can use them at a moment’s notice.”

When I tested this app, the ability to launch hidden applications worked great. My hidden applications showed up in my Spotlight search and I was able to tap on them and they launched.

The other feature of SpotBright is that it displays little icons of the six most recently launched applications on the Spotlight search page of your SpringBoard (see screenshot below). This allows you to quickly launch applications that you have just used. [Read more…]

What Exactly Does Spotlight Search?

Spotlight Search I know there are mixed feelings about the new search feature of the 3.0 firmware, Spotlight. Some people love it, some people hate it! I have even had people ask me how to get rid of it (you can’t – at least not yet). Either way, many people are a little confused on what exactly Spotlight searches. Below is a list of exactly what is searched by Spotlight. [Read more…]