SpotSMS Update – Now Displays Contact’s Name in Spotlight SMS Results

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

SpotSMS SpotSMS, s a mod allows the stock Spotlight Search to search within your SMS (and MMS) messages, received an update to version 0.2. The update changes the search results so that they display the contact’s name instead of just the phone number from which the text was received/sent. However, I noticed that even though most of results now display the Contact’s name, some still display the phone number. There doesn’t seem to be any specific reason that some display the name and others do not… let me know in the comments if you are experiencing the same thing.


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  1. Same here, I also get the phonenumbers instead of the contacts name!:(

  2. Ok I know what the problem is…

    If u have a contact’s number saved without the 1 before the area code, but they the SMS app sees it with the 1, SpotSMS doesn’t recognize it’s the same contact and therefore does not display that contact’s name on the search results.

    For example:
    Maria texts me but my iPhone sees it as 1(305)123-4567…the iPhone knows that’s the same person I have saved under (305)123-4567, but SpotSMS can’t tell that’s the same number due to the extra 1 so when I search for something she said it only displays “13051234567”.

    Now, if I go n add the 1 to Maria’s number within contacts, respring, and search again, SpotSMS now displays “Maria” n not her number.

    Try it!

  3. i un-installed it. every time i searched for anything with spotlight it just respringed. resprang? resprung? whatever… but it was more trouble than it was worth.

  4. is there a search engine that is dedicated more on searching videos ?”*’