SpotSMS – Adds SMS Results to Spotlight Search

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

SpotSMS SpotSMS is a mod, that once installed, allows the stock Spotlight Search to search within your SMS (and MMS) messages. There is no icon for this mod, it is a code mod. It is activated as soon as it is installed and would have to be uninstalled to be removed.

To use the mod, you can go into the stock Spotlight Search and enter text that you would like to search for. The search will start when you have entered at least three characters. SMS results will have the Messages icon next to them. You can tap on an SMS result to view the full text message.

I did notice a few things about this mod. First, is that the results display the phone number from which the text was received/sent instead of the Contact’s name or title. This can be a little annoying if you want to know who the text message is from but, you do not have the phone number memorized. Also, the description of the app says that it searches MMS messages as well as SMS messages. This was not the case for my iPhone. When I searched for text that I knew was included with an MMS… it did not display the message in the search results. That could have something to do with my hacked MMS or it could be a glitch in the app… I’m not sure.

Besides those two things, the application works normally. I will be keeping it around.

The developer of SpotSMS says that more features are on there way including Settings. You can get SpotSMS via the BigBoss source.


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  1. Hi all!
    The issue related to phone number displayed on the results will be fixed in soon next release … keep around :)

  2. Will SpotSMS go well alongwith SpotBright and Universal Search?
    I dont want to lose SpotBright or have a respring due to a conflict between these two apps.

    • after categories update now you can search the hidden icons without using of spotbright. I have universal search and SpotSMS and everything works fine and perfectly. Now I can search anything i want :)

    • The feature of SpotBright that i like is that it displays latest launched apps in SpotLight so that they can be launched directly without searching for them.

      When libhide was updated, it allowed the searching of hidden apps but thats not the feature of SpotBright that i like.

      Also, as loop says, if SpotSMS can even display latest launched apps and that too apps launched only by SpotLight (along with hidden apps), that wud be gr8 and i will gladly uninstall SpotBright.

  3. Certainly SpotSMS never could live with SpotBright due both apps modify the same code to work correctly. My idea, in soon release is give the same SpotBright functionality. So may be you won’t need have both apps together.

    • Actually, I have both running at the same time right now. No issues at all.

    • I has released new version 0.2 and almost (i hope all) all problems related to spotbrigth were resolved!

    • Hi floop, thanx for ur interest in making SpotSMS better than SpotBright. I too wudnt want to use SpotBright if SpotSMS cud display recently launched apps in spotlight itself and not launched apps in genreral from springboard (like phone, mail, iPod, safari etc).
      Thanx again.

  4. weird, i cant find it on cydia.

    • I think there is something wrong with Cydia as I can never get the download packages to finish and have to cancel the download. I got the program through a new installer called Rock your phone. The even have a program that can help fix your Iphone if you get into that dreaded boot loop.

  5. SpotSMS is fantastic. Or, at least, it was for the first twenty minutes. Now, spotlight crashes the springboard every single time I use it.

    I’ve even uninstalled spotSMS and it is still crashing constantly.

    Perhaps there is a conflict between spotbright and spotSMS that needs to be addressed. I would love to use both. But, for now, I’ve uninstalled SpotSMS and am reinstalling my firmware.

  6. What’s the theme used in the screenshots?

  7. Hi, spotsms is great. however, i wish i could go to that searched message from spotlight to continue the conversation. is that possible for the next update?

  8. does anyone know what theme is used?


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