StayOpened – Keep App Store Open While Installing Apps

StayOpened is an application that keeps the App Store application open while the app downloads in the background. Normally, the App Store app closes as soon as you select “install” and then gives you the little pop-up for your iTunes password. This app keeps the App Store open. You still get the password pop-up but you get to stay in the App Store and the apps download in the background. This is helpful for those times when you want to give a few apps a try. Instead of closing, reopening, closing, reopening… you can just install them all!

When you install StayOpened, it will be added into the stock Settings application. You will need to go in and turn the app On. There is also an option to turn on the “Purchase Confirmation Title.” This option allows you to change the word “purchase” when you select an app to buy. You are able to customize the word “purchase” by typing in a new Title. If you turn on the “Purchase Confirmation Title” option, don’t forget to type something into the title or it will just display blank and that is a little confusing… trust me!

Once I got things figured out… this app worked great. I did not have any issues with install or updating apps in the App Store. Everything downloaded in the background like it was supposed to. A helpful little hack if you ask me. You can get StayOpened via the modmyi source.


Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  
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  1. This is one of my biggest gripes and a welcome addition to my jailbreak toolbox…

  2. Yeah this app isn’t working for me. I don’t know why. I enabled it in the settings and tried re-installing a couple of times. Weird.

  3. Not working on 3G with Firmware 3.1.2 !!!
    Funktioniert nicht beim 3G Firmware 3.1.2 !!!

  4. Finally! I absolutely hate how the app store closes when I start a download. Most of the time I still have stuff to do and have to navigate back to the App Store.

  5. JorgeAT says

    Great App !!!!

    Really simple Really usefull