StayOpened – Keep App Store Open While Installing Apps

StayOpened is an application that keeps the App Store application open while the app downloads in the background. Normally, the App Store app closes as soon as you select “install” and then gives you the little pop-up for your iTunes password. This app keeps the App Store open. You still get the password pop-up but you get to stay in the App Store and the apps download in the background. This is helpful for those times when you want to give a few apps a try. Instead of closing, reopening, closing, reopening… you can just install them all!
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60 Second Lock Screen

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

##ICON_NAME## 60 Second Lock Screen is a mod that keeps your lockscreen on for 60 seconds before it automatically turns off. Normally, the lockscreen will stay on for 5 seconds before turning off. This mod is great for those of you who have lockscreen mods that display email or weather or text messages… etc. It just gives you more time to view your lock screen. [Read more…]