60 Second Lock Screen

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

##ICON_NAME## 60 Second Lock Screen is a mod that keeps your lockscreen on for 60 seconds before it automatically turns off. Normally, the lockscreen will stay on for 5 seconds before turning off. This mod is great for those of you who have lockscreen mods that display email or weather or text messages… etc. It just gives you more time to view your lock screen.

When I tested this mod, it worked perfectly. After it was installed, my lockscreen stayed on for 60 seconds before going off. This is a code mod so you will not see an icon on your SpringBoard. You can get 60 Seconds Lock Screen via the BigBoss source.



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  1. With Lock Calendar on my phone, the Lock Screen stays on as long as I am scrolling my calendar view up and down. Kind of a nice feature and I don’t have to worry about the lock screen turning off.

    But this is a nice alternative for other uses.

  2. It is actually a MobileSubstrate dylib, not a mod.

  3. Sounds great… but quick reply sms doesn’t work on 3.0 for me. :-(

  4. azntiger1000 says

    Did they take this off the source? I don’t see it in cydia anymore…

  5. azntiger1000 says


  6. Just use supreme preferences… you can set the LockScreen Time delay there too and it offeres multiple settings.