EasyRearrange – Quickly Rearrange Icons

EasyRearrange is a hack that allows you to quickly rearrange apps on your SpringBoard. The hack starts like every other rearranging application… by putting your icons into “wiggle” mode so that you are able to move them around your SpringBoard. Now, this is where the application is different from the rest, you then tap the icon you would like to move. This will suspend the icon allowing you to scroll to the page you would like the icon moved to. So, instead of dragging the icon from one page to the next page to the next page until you are on the page you would like… the icon stays put and the pages move behind it. Then, just tap the Home button and the icon will drop onto that page.

READ THIS: This would actually be a decent hack except that it doesn’t work very well. I think there have only been a few times in which I have been able to get it to work successfully. Every other time I tested it… it put my SpringBoard into Safe Mode. I tested it multiple times, restarted my device, reinstalled the app and still got the same results… Safe Mode. Also, you are not able to scroll through pages while in “wiggle” mode which means you have to tap next to the page dots to go to the next or previous page. Not a huge deal, but slightly inconvenient. There were a few other quirks I found with the hack as well. Honestly, I would say pass on this one for now. Maybe we will see an update that will make some improvements.

If you do want to give it a try… it is available via the BigBoss source. It does not have an icon or any settings. To remove the hack, you would need to uninstall it in Cydia.

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  


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  1. Have you looked into Gridlock? It does the job great when it comes to a ranging your icons. You can put them wherever you want without the need of iblanks or the like. Also in the BigBoss repo.

  2. Jeff Schaffer says

    I found MultiIconMover and it works the same way. But it works. Check on Cydia.

  3. MultiIconMover

    Nuff said