CheckPlease 1.0

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

CheckPlease is the only free tip calculator/bill splitting application in the App Store (as of right now). This type of application is one that I like to have available on my iPhone. It is so much easier to type in a few numbers and have it spit out the totals than it is to sit around trying to guesstimate what everyone’s share of the bill is! When you open CheckPlease, you can enter the Check Total and the Tax Amount (in dollars). To enter a number just tap in the box in which you would like to enter the number and a keyboard will pop-up. When you are done typing in the amount, select Done in the lower right corner. It will automatically generate your Subtotal.

To figure out the tip amount, slide the star until it is where you would like it on the tip% bar. The tip percentage options range from 0% to 30%. Once you have the tip% where you would like it, [Read more…]