More OmniFocus Screenshots

OmniFocus Ars Technica has another article about OmniFocus and it includes some more screenshots of the task management software from The Omni Group. They also go into more detail about how location based task lists will work. I can’t wait for this program!

OmniFocus OmniFocus OmniFocus [Read more…]

OmniFocus Coming Soon

OmniFocus OmniFocus is a task management program that is scalable from entire projects to simple shopping lists. Many Mac users already know what Omnifocus is but if you want to learn more details about the desktop version and their services check out their website. I’ve had this great idea for an iPhone app but it looks like they beat me to it. Although my version requires running in the background. Basically it notifies you of tasks based on your geo location. Now since Apple won’t allow it to track you and can’t run in the background I assume you will have to open the app to check if there is something you need to do near a specific location. [Read more…]