Beaches – WinterBoard Theme

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

WinterBoard Beaches is a WinterBoard theme that switches between 24 wallpapers throughout the day (changing once an hour). I know, you are thinking…”This has already been done.” True, there is another theme very similar to this called Around The World in 24 (which I really like). However, this theme only includes beach wallpapers. Honestly, this is perfect for me. My preferred iPhone theme…when I’m not testing other themes…is clear icons with a beach wallpaper which I used to change about once a day or every few days. Well, now I do not have to change them on my own any more!

Note: Another thing I like about these type of themes is how easily they can be customized. If you are familiar with SSH, you can easily SSH into your iPhone or iPod Touch and replace the images in the theme with your own images. That way it will rotate through wallpapers that match your theme or wallpapers that you just like better. The images for this theme are located in the folder:
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