Pocket Elf – Keep Track of Holiday Spending

Available In: App Store       Price: $1.99  

Pocket Elf Pocket Elf is an application that allows you to keep track of your Holiday spending! I know, it might still be a little early (though, I have already asked for my families Christmas Lists!!), but if you are looking for a way to keep yourself on budget this Holiday season this might just be the app for you. It comes from a developer that many of you may be familiar with. Skylar has also developed PocketTouch, a jailbroke application.

Pocket Elf allows you to set a budget, create a list of friends, assign gifts to your friends (including the amount paid for each gift) and create a list of possible gifts. When you first open the application, you will be on the Budget screen. Here you are able to set your budget and then choose how you would like the budget displayed. The default display is how much of your budget you have spent. The Long Budget Display allows you to see how much of your you have spent so far and what your total budget is. Showing Remaining will display the amount of money still left in your budget. I personally like to turn on both the Long Budget Display and the Show Running options. [Read more…]