Dactyl Now in App Store

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

Dactyl Many of you will probably think this application looks very familiar! Well, that is because it was a jailbreak app from 1.1.4 and below. Check out the old school version HERE. It was not released with the upgrade to the 2.0 firmware (as a jailbreak app) but, you can get it via the App Store! The graphics have been nicely updated and there are a few more options now.

When you open Dactyl, you will notice three options on the upper menu bar. The first option allows you to turn High Score on/off and give you the ability to clear the High Scores. The middle options allows you to turn the sound on or off…just tap the volume icon to do so. The final option allow the top of the app is play option which will start the game. The object of the game has not changed…tap the red bombs before they explode. [Read more…]