Updated F.A.Q Page – How to Change your Dialer.

AiS Hey guys, as you already know, in between writing articles and working on the new website, I have been working on updating our F.A.Q page to be more relevant to the 2.x firmware. Tonight I updated our “How do I change the dialer on my iPhone?” There honestly is not a lot of difference in modding your dialer from firmware 1.1.x to the 2.x firmware…the steps are basically the same and the modded folder (MobilePhone.app) is still the same. So, if you used to manually change your dialer on 1.1.x firmware but haven’t given it a shot on the 2.x firmware…you can check out the instructions. The only thing I will say is that some dialer files are made for specific firmwares so make sure you are downloading a dialer that is for the firmware you are running.