Cydia Queue – Queue Apps in Cydia

Cydia Ok, I’m not sure how long this has been there but, I just noticed that Cydia has a Queue feature! Yesterday, I was installing an application and I decided to Cancel it instead of Confirm it (which I rarely do)…that is when I noticed the pop-up had the options to Continue Queuing or Cancel and Clear. I was like, WHAT…when did Cydia get a queue!!! So, I thought I would check it out! Here is how it works.

When you select Install on an application, you get the next screen in which you can Confirm or Cancel the install. If you select Cancel, you are given the option to queue it or to cancel the install. If you select Continue Queuing, it will keep that app in a “Queue.” You are then able to add more applications to the queue by selecting them, selecting install, selecting cancel and then selecting the Continue Queuing option. Once you have added all the apps you would like to install to the queue, you can select Install on the last application and then select Confirm (you will notice that all the apps in your queue are listed on the Confirm page)…this will install all the apps in your queue. [Read more…]