iPhone 2.0 Pictures

This is the most recent claimed photos of the iPhone 2.0. It does seem to match the recent claimed template images of the iPhone 2.0. Notice in the template image the location change of the proximity and light sensors and the addition of a third sensor which I hope is a camera. Also the changes at the bottom where the mic/speaker is; possible dual microphones for echo cancelation and stereo speakers? And last but not least, colors! Red, white and black. We’re just gonna post the pics and let you decide if they’re real. Let us know in the comments what you think.

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  1. I really hope this isn’t what they look like…I think it is ugly!! Though I’m hoping that additional “sensor” is a camera on the front! That would be soooo cool!

    • Would you use that feature? Have you posted a poll about it to see what people think?
      Would it be technically possible and reliable over cellular networks?
      I would not use it… but, that´s me.

    • i agree… that was an ugly little creature… yiks!

    • Video conferencing over cell networks has been available in European and Asian countries for years.

    • i really like it i think it looks more modern, except the back isn’t really doing it any favors.

    • can you email me the pics of the 3g iphone in colors.thank you.when eill your next video come out

  2. I really doubt that this is legit. Why would some random Joe have an iPhone 2.0 prototype? We’ve all seen the Chinese knock-offs on YouTube at some point in time or another. I’ll wait for Apple to say something official.

  3. Look at the light reflection on the back of the phone. Looks like cheap plastic, that’s so NOT Apple-style. Let’s hope they are fakes.

    • I agree with this. It looks like a cheap case judging from the back picture. And the whole device is extremely ugly.

  4. power it on, show me a youtube video then maybe ill believe

  5. I was thinking the same thing as you, Brooke. It does look thinner though, that would be nice =] Gosh that back is horrible though, and the shape is super-awkward.

  6. Fake !!! isn’t real !!

  7. Looks Like a Photoshoped LG Chocolet to me :P

  8. If this is the real deal, I want to change my vote from ‘will buy a 3G’ to ‘I will buy when the iPhone looks classy again!!’. Something tells me Xynetor is pretty close to the truth. :-)

  9. Doesn’t it look a little too small? Either the guy on the pic has a big hand or it’s a fake. Besides, the back of the phone looks like cheap plastic like someone said above.

    I’d say it’s a fake.

  10. No way that Apple’s multiple award-winning industrial designers came up a crappy design such as depicted. I have faith in them.

  11. ChristianJensen says

    Well , rumors has it , that the back will be made of plastic . I’ve heard as well , that the edges on the phone would be more “round”-ish .

    But again , those are all rumors , and I’d say the phone is fake.
    – The person who made it , probably has just heard the same rumors as I have .

  12. Machappy says

    Your reactions remind me of when the leaked photos of new square nano was posted. Can’t be…ugly….not apple-like…..etc. It’s a little hard to tell how it would look in person and the slimmed down version does seem interesting.
    Truth is….we will never know for sure what apple is releasing until apple announces it. Even the truth is speculation. Will be interesting to see though.

  13. the apple logo looks a bit distorted…

  14. Markisha says

    This is fake! One reason: Apple would NEVER make a device that ugly!

    • I’ve seen uglier products put out by Apple. Like someone said above, we will never really know until Apple confirms or announces it.

  15. Ugly. Looks like a copy-cat Chinese version of the iPhone, and probably is ;).

    My guess is that this will be available to buy soon-ish (before the official announcement about the iPhone 2 of course), and will be distributed by telling this is the iPhone 2 before it was released officially.

  16. This realy looks Fake!!! and Ugly!!!

    The whole world will c what it looks like when Apple desides to show it to the eager people that we are ;-)
    Probably somewhere in june!!


  17. yea, that is undoubtedly a fake

  18. Brooke this is a fake there is no way this is a real photo live video of operation may help

  19. look how freaking small it is

    gotta be fake

  20. I find this highly specious. The cases I can understand; we have seen this before where case OEMs are given dimensional specs so they can have cases ready for its release. That’s one rumour I can believe (even if the diagrams look like they were done in MS Paint). The phone? That’s a crock. While forthcoming device images do once in a blue moon leak out of Apple (remember the 3G Nano/Phatty?) there’s no way they’d let proto shots of their flagship leak. Furthermore, the dimensions listed for the cases don’t jibe with what I’m seeing in the alleged iPhone 2.0 photos, where the phone looks squared off with only slightly rounded edges.

    Finally, that is _so_ not Apple’s industrial design team’s work there. There’s no way Apple would retool their design to look like just another candybar. That there is generic design at its finest, and Apple just doesn’t do generic.

  21. finalkazuya says

    A deffo fake to me…Apple would never bring a phone out that looks that un-attractive especially from a designers perspective…impossible…

    Even though im not personally buying one cus im not spendin another £300 so soon(hey im still a student)…im very satisfied with my 8gb model….i think i’ll wait for the third generation iphone before i think about buying an upgraded model…

    Now with the link below you can tell straight away that it has the unique quality Apple design and style…look and wonder and look forward to whats coming…
    NOW for the good stuff…THIS IS THE REAL SECOND GEN IPHONE…


  22. Ugly and fake. Not even Apple style. ;-)

  23. iPhone have a shine .. when you see the new iPhone you will know it, This is 100% fake.. I do not feel it.

  24. kinda wish they had made the new one with the aluminum from the back panel and just covered it from head to toe…..i guess that would make it the iphone pro though. :(

  25. I just don’t believe any of these photos that appear. If someone truely had a camera to take a picture of these phones, I don’t think they’d take such crappy pictures that prove nothing.

  26. WesWood151 says

    Suspect, I tell yah!
    Thats, not gonna make me cry for wasting 500 clams on a gen 1, everybody should take a good look at the 3G network! My 8525 had 3G, and I went through Atlanta’s network once and couldn’t think of anything to download!

  27. im pretty sure thats its a fake and that he made it from this site :http://www.colorwarepc.com/p-103-iphone.aspx

  28. dustin james says

    I’m not saying that this is the real deal..

    But.. It isn’t smaller at all.. Hold your iPhone the same angle this photo is.. Looks good to me..

    The cheap plastic doesn’t look so cheap.. It looks a lot like the front surface of an iPod which is what rumors say the new iphone will be..

    As well as the thickness being bigger and the tappering is not so curvy..

    Everything about this “fake” photo seems real to me.. Because it follows what the new one is supposed to look like..

    We will find out on the 9th-13th of June though!

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