Simplify Media Mobile

Simplify Media This is another great app. Works great and has purpose. It allows you to stream music from iTunes, Winamp or just any folders you choose to your iPhone or iPod Touch. It only works on wifi but you can be anywhere. So for example I set up the service on a computer at work and can access the music from home. Even better, you can share your music with up to 30 other friends. They just need a Simplify Media account and install their software on your computer. They have it for Mac, Windows and Linux. You can download the software online at and the app is available through the Ste source.

I tested this streaming from my desk computer at work which was pulling .mp3s from our backup server of everyone’s iTunes :) It’s on cable internet and I’m at home on DSL. So now when I’m at home or work or anywhere there is wifi I can access all my music without worrying about my iPhone’s 8GB limit. I just need to get a few friends set up with the service and I’ll have tons of music at my finger tips!

More about the application… It pulls in album covers; there’s a link to “buy from iTunes”; buffering songs only took 2-3 seconds; tapping the screen pulls up volume, pause, next button; there’s a section for artist bio that pulls in a picture and info from; lyrics pull in from LyricWiki; you can hit the home button or lock and music stays playing with a play button in your status bar like iPod; Artist/Song lists have alphabet scrolling; podcast show up also.

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  1. Sounds neat. I will have to try it tomorrow.

  2. dannykastro says

    this looks neat ill try it now.

  3. MacEnvy says

    It does look and sound neat but I was trying, ~3 days ago to create a username from the desktop but whatever I use it tells me that it is not within the character limits and i’m using forbidden characters…

  4. Awesome program – this finally got me over my addiction to changing up my media every other day.

  5. works like a charm!

  6. gerardo says

    whats the repo of this app ?? it look nice but it isnĀ“tn on my installer :S

  7. Easy to install and use. Works perfectly!

  8. Works fine for me, but not an app that really interests me. Allready un-installed.

  9. Sounds cool but is the an app that will simply let me stream from one pc?

    • If I understand your question, yes, it will let you stream music from one PC, let’s say at home, to your iPhone or Touch any where there is wifi.

    • Sorry I was in a hurry and didn’t get to fully ask my question. What I was wondering if there was an app that would simply allow streaming from my pc to my iphone without once again signing up with a 3rd party. I simply want full access to the music collection on my home pc only when I’m at home. Feeling just a little bit “iffy” about opening another port on my pc to allow streaming.

    • BTW I just wanted to say I love the work you guys have done with the site. So much easier to navigate and see whats new from both my pc and iphone. It seems I’m on your site daily! Keep up the good work.

  10. Third Day, good selection, have seen them MANY times.
    Just Pre Ordered the new CD?

  11. Awesome app! Been using it for a while. Excellent support from the creators too.

  12. Douglas, thanks for the great article and the fantastic discussion. we really appreciate the support.

    MacEnvy, sorry about the error. As part of a major update we introduced a silly bug. If you try to create a screen name with any capital letters, we display that inappropraite error message. Try all lowercase and everything will be fine. Obviously, this will be fixed in the next version.

  13. Yeeess!!! about time there is a post about this app. I emailed about it weeks ago. This app is the best. I just have to remember to leave my pc on if I know I will be somewhere with Wifi.


  14. the best install ever. i love it. woks great for me. the lyrics feature is great also.


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