vWallpaper 0.9

vWallpaper The updated to version 0.9 of vWallpaper adds a new option to the Settings menu: Videos repository. This gives you the ability to add a repository to the applications. It automatically comes with the Skrew video repository however, it does have the ability to add your own source to the list. Just use the + button in the upper right corner.

Apple iPhone School has created a repo that you can add to vWallpapers that will contain all the vwallpapers from vWallpapers.com. Right now, the repo has three wallpapers in it; Green Tunnel, Mario Brothers and Red and Blue Clouds (see videos below). The files are titled AIS_file name, that way you are able to easily distinguish between our vWallpapers and other vWallpapers. We will be adding quite a few more in the near future. The repo url is – www.appleiphoneschool.com/vwallpapers.plist

Note: This is not an installer repo, this repo will only work in the vWallpapers application. Do not try to add it as a source in Installer!

vWallpaper is available through the Skrew source.

vWallpapers currently in AppleiPhoneSchool repo:

Note: The Mario vWallpaper wouldn’t upload correctly so we had to use YouTube. The preview is stretched but the original file is the correct resolution so it will look normal when you add it to your iPhone.

vWallpaper 0.9 vWallpaper 0.9 vWallpaper 0.9 vWallpaper 0.9 vWallpaper 0.9 vWallpaper 0.9

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  1. Herminus says

    vWallpaper simply won’t work on my iPod Touch :(

  2. cool_guy says

    May I ask why don’t you implement your new feature page on all your new posts?

  3. How do you refresh the repo sources? Your vwallpapers will not show up in my list :(. Guess I’ll have to try tomorrow! keep up the good work!

    • They should show up right away. Did you make sure to enter the repo url exactly the same? Let us know if you get it.

  4. Though I could download them I cannot see them in my ipod touch

  5. MaverickC17 says

    I don’t see 0.9 yet??

  6. hey I was wondering anyone could please give me some repos for vWallpaper because.Mine don’t work

  7. vwallpaper is seriously messing up right now. after running for like 5 mins whenever i open any app it just resprings my springboard. have to reboot my phone and then same thing happens again.

    serious problems need to be looked at

  8. hello I want to know when ya’ll add more wallpapers to your repo list can you please add some rainbow colors please. My computer is down and I can’t added the color pan vwallpaper to my phone incase you know another way I can added it through my phone?

  9. Something I just found out, I can now run vWallpaper and IntelliScreen together with no problems…

  10. MaverickC17 says

    I am still not seeing the update??? I do have the repo.

    • MaverickC17 says

      Found it finally….after many reinstalls of Skrew repo and ModMyiFone repo.

  11. Cheers this is great does anyone else know of any other repo’s for vWallpaper any at all would be great!

  12. I installed vwallpapers ans skrew comman but when i go on vwallpaper and click the background i want it does not show up

  13. I get a Main script execution failed! error — any ideas?! TIA!

  14. Is this still in beta?

  15. Hey anyone know any other repo’s ?
    this one is great thanks

  16. well i downloaded it all… skrewcommon 1.39 v wallpaper… latest once out atm i think 0.9 but when the back ground comes up its just the video… the icons are not there…

    any ideas? ^.^

  17. after installing 0.9 version of vwallpaper my camera is not saving photos taken. even i disable the vwallpaper still the same. brooke do u know how to fix my camera?

  18. Da187suspect says

    I cannot see the Super Mario wallpaper, any suggestions? I added the repo exactly as shown http://www.appleiphoneschool.com/vwallpapers.plist , but no Mario, please help.

  19. Does this work for 1.1.1?

  20. i had never had problems with my iphone but i installed vWallpaper and then….F***** MY IPHONE!!!. I think I will need to Restore.
    The iphone continued to work great until i turn it off..When i turned it on there was a screen with black and white strips. Two restarts after and it finnaly turned on but, when i go to any application in my spring bord and “click” it the application only shows up, but i can’t interact with it like scrolling down, anything.I can’t go to installer to uninstall it and can’t ssh….
    Please, WHAT DO I DO, AND HOW?

    • Just a thing, i have 1.1.4 installed
      how do i back up applications?
      previously thanked

    • robotchicken says

      i had the same problem but i rebooted a few times and it was bak to normal, idk if this has to do wit it but when i do the hold home and lock kind of reboot it happens and then i do a power offf and back on it goes back to normal, btw i have zero repos from the start in vwallpapers built in repo, and i cant addd any can someone help?!

  21. does anyone know anyother repos for vwallpaper?

  22. will be vwallpaper for iphone OS 3.0??


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