SkySMS 1.0.6

SkySMS SkySMS is a text application that integrates free texting services. Which allows you to then use those services to send text messages for free. When you open the application, it will open to the main SMS screen. You will need to go into the Settings first. In the Settings, you have the option to turn on/off Confirm Sending, an area where you can learn more about the application and Accounts. Accounts is where you will want to choose which provider you are going to use to send Texts. There is of 14 providers. You will need to signup with one of the providers on the list. This usually means going to their website, downloading their software and signing up for an account. Once you have selected a provider, you can tap the Back button in the upper right corner.

Back on the main SMS screen, you can either type in the number of the person you would like the Text or you can choose a number from your Contact List using the + button. Once you have selected a contact, tap in the text area and enter your message. You can then send your Text. When you send the text, it will show you that it is sending and then tell you whether or not the text went through. I personally prefer to use my stock Text application…let me know in the comments your experiences with this app. SkySMS is available through the iSpazio source.

SkySMS 1.0.6 SkySMS 1.0.6 SkySMS 1.0.6 SkySMS 1.0.6 SkySMS 1.0.6 SkySMS 1.0.6 SkySMS 1.0.6 SkySMS 1.0.6 SkySMS 1.0.6 SkySMS 1.0.6 SkySMS 1.0.6 SkySMS 1.0.6 SkySMS 1.0.6 SkySMS 1.0.6

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  1. This is great, free sms =]. However is there a way or can someone figure out how much data is being sent? I’m in australia and the GPRS rates for optus are quite expensive =/ probably save more money just sending a normal sms ($0.25AUD).

    • maybe where you are but where i am txts cost around 15p per txt and this thing only charges me 1p to send an sms anywhere in the world!!! from my ipod!!!!!

  2. does this work for ipod touch via wifi. To the guy above, i’m in australia as well. Sydney.

  3. I can’t see a reason why it wouldn’t work with the ipod touch. You just need an internet connection. GPRS = internet via the service provider (Optus). With an itouch you can just connect to the internet via wifi =]. I’d just use GPRS when theres no wifi hotspot nearby.

  4. The Account Providers all seem to require some credit on the account via credit card. Do any of the providers allow sign-up without a credit card?

  5. I know this app, its pretty old!

    Anyways, Brooke, can you suggest a few good Accounts out of the list which are completely Free..?

  6. i’ve started using gmail to send and receive out texts. someone should make an app to facilitate that.

  7. Jash Sayani , use the FreeCall account to have 5 free sms per day. register from here: then use your nick and password and enjoy. there are a lot of services like freecall ;)

  8. Make sure to enter phone numbers in an international format (with the + or 00) ! Otherwise it won’t work !

  9. Hi, thnx for the app, is really good!!

    How can I do to see my number in the destination recipient? The destination see my freeCall user but not my phone number.

  10. i think you have to log into your account on the respective service provider (e.g. the Freecall website). Once logged in, you can set your phone number. I haven’t done it myself, but i remember seeing a section that said input number and then verify your number. When you try to send an sms from their website, you get a drop down selection box to choose the ‘sender id’.

    So putting all that together i’d say just log onto the site and set your number with your account. Then on your iphone, set the sender to the phone number you just set.

    (hope thats not too confusing)

  11. Hi1 I’ve tried this application on my iPod Touch and it works..yup u need to send via Wifi..but the receiver can’t reply your message.u can only send and cannot receive any reply.

  12. Thanx, the problem was that I can verify the number in the web aplication, but in desktop application i can do this perfectly.


  13. Since 30mins when I’m sending a sms from my touch I’ve an error:
    “Sending error”
    “The sending script is not valid !”

  14. Guilherme says

    I really love this application :D

  15. can i use this send text messages to overseas? in the States here

  16. I recently had to restore my unlocked 1.1.4 iPhone. I added this app (SkySMS) about an hour before. I set up the app with Freecall and sent my 5 free texts. I exited out of the app and put the phone in sleep mode. I then went to an hour and a half conference. Soon after I had wanted to browse the web on mobile Safari. I open the app and tap the url bar. The app hangs then crashes. I try to enter Intstaller. It crashed to. In fact all the programs that had to do with the internet including the wifi tab under settings. I tried these internet apps on both edge and remember wifi networks. My question is. Is SkySMS the reason for my horrible restore? If so, how can I prevent it without deleting the app? Thanks a TON. I really like all of the other features of the app. Maybe there could be a function that would let the message be sent in the background? Peace

  17. Asked assistance Andmag Ohrid sent in error

    you have to configure the selrcted account before using it!

  18. I just recently installed dynadel from installer to use with the skysms app … but idk if you can receive txt messages…. does anyone know?….
    is there a free way of receiving sms without having to use the mail app?…

  19. .

  20. I’ve already add iSpazio source to my iphone, however I couldnt find SkySMS in my install…can you help me out with this? where can I find SkySMS?

  21. when can we had skysms on the 2.0.x version ?

  22. Where is skySMS for 2.x.x firmwares??? This is the best app i ever have seen, its the only reason why i’m still on firmware 1.1.4! I was at fw 2.1 and now downgrade just for this app!!! I love this app!!!
    please build it for 2.x.x firmwares!!!!

  23. SMS is free..Good news. But is it international?

  24. how can i purches an iphone without signing a contrack with at&t

  25. For some reason, it isn’t downloading.

  26. Hi when i am sendin SMS from skysms->freecall then it is giving error like configure first then send sms.

    Please help………


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