SkySMS 1.0.9

SkySMS Version 1.0.9 adds six additional providers to the list of available accounts to use via SkySMS. The six new providers include; Hispeed, Logic SMS, NoNoh, SMS Italia, SMSLISTO, and Swisscom Ztra-Zone. There were also a few bug fixes with the accounts, specifically with Vyke accounts. Other than the new providers, the application functions the same as in the previous versions. SkySMS is available through the iSpazio source.

SkySMS 1.0.9 SkySMS 1.0.9 SkySMS 1.0.9 [Read more…]

SkySMS 1.0.8

SkySMS Version 1.0.8 of SkySMS adds seven new providers to the list; 12Voip, SMSDiscount, Skebby Easy, Skebby Premium, VoiceTrading, VoipRaider and VoipWise. I’m curious to know if anyone uses this application on a regular basis…let me know in the comments if this is an application you use. SkySMS is available through the iSpazio source.

SkySMS 1.0.8 SkySMS 1.0.8 SkySMS 1.0.8

SkySMS 1.0.7

SkySMS I do not see any visual changes with the update to version 1.0.7 of SkySMS. I thought maybe the updated would add additional carriers. But, from what I can tell, everything is the same. SkySMS is available through the iSpazio source.

SkySMS 1.0.7

SkySMS 1.0.6

SkySMS SkySMS is a text application that integrates free texting services. Which allows you to then use those services to send text messages for free. When you open the application, it will open to the main SMS screen. You will need to go into the Settings first. In the Settings, you have the option to turn on/off Confirm Sending, an area where you can learn more about the application and Accounts. Accounts is where you will want to choose which provider you are going to use to send Texts. There is of 14 providers. You will need to signup with one of the providers on the list. This usually means going to their website, downloading their software and signing up for an account. Once you have selected a provider, [Read more…]