SkySMS 1.0.9

SkySMS Version 1.0.9 adds six additional providers to the list of available accounts to use via SkySMS. The six new providers include; Hispeed, Logic SMS, NoNoh, SMS Italia, SMSLISTO, and Swisscom Ztra-Zone. There were also a few bug fixes with the accounts, specifically with Vyke accounts. Other than the new providers, the application functions the same as in the previous versions. SkySMS is available through the iSpazio source.

SkySMS 1.0.9 SkySMS 1.0.9 SkySMS 1.0.9 SkySMS 1.0.9

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  1. question
    Im in mexico and want to send an SMS to other person in mexico also…
    the international code is +52
    the area code is 624
    and lets asume the phone number is 1234567
    I’ve tried many ways but can’t get to send a SMS….can someone help me…