SkySMS 1.0.8

SkySMS Version 1.0.8 of SkySMS adds seven new providers to the list; 12Voip, SMSDiscount, Skebby Easy, Skebby Premium, VoiceTrading, VoipRaider and VoipWise. I’m curious to know if anyone uses this application on a regular basis…let me know in the comments if this is an application you use. SkySMS is available through the iSpazio source.

SkySMS 1.0.8 SkySMS 1.0.8 SkySMS 1.0.8

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  1. Yes, absolutely love this app! Provides a cheap way of sending SMS (0.02€) especially handy for the iPod Touch user (like I am). Using my cell phone number as sender so I receive the replies on my mobile phone.

  2. the 1.0.8 of skysms doesnt show up on my iappcat repo.
    i then searched for skysms on iappcat and it found only 1.0.7 on the ispazio repo
    when i saw the actual url of the repo used by iappcat, it was:

    whereas the one on the appleiphoneschool repo list for ispazio is:

    i hope the dev of iappcat is reading this coz he needs to update the url he is using for ispazio and maybe many others.

  3. Yes its a nice app.I’m sending quite many sms to greece from sweden and its much cheaper with viopsms.
    Now i’m waiting for the “big bang” an app that will allow me to call throught my voip accounts free!

  4. thanos dokimase to fring, skype sto iphone.. k kapioi providers sto programma tha ine dorean, gia paradeigma xrisimopio voipbuster k ine dorean:)

    just something for thanos..:P btw, the application works great.. don’t know how many of the providers are free but voipbuster works great..!

  5. Guilherme says

    This app is great, but when I send a sms with Voipbuster it allways gives me an error, but the sms is sent :)

  6. yeah i’m using the first few providers but they seem to be all linked or something, as in, i used 5 sms’s, but they’ve never been replenished. I thought it was 5 sms’s per day, but now it doesn’t work and i get an error.
    Can someone tell me a provider they’re able to keep getting 5 free sms’s per day? Thanks

  7. I also use this app every day in combination with Voipbuster. Like many others the first 5 sms were free but since then they charge me every time. It’s still about 3 times cheaper than my provider so I’m not complaining. Since v1.0.7 it works flawless (no more errors although the sms was sent). It would be nice to be able to send from the built-in sms-app to keep the chats. Hint… :-)

  8. Guilherme says

    Ok, new release 1.09, it gives me errors, I send sms sometimes it keeps saying Sending SMS and hangs up iphone, sometimes it gives the famous error, “The sms could be sent, bla bla bla…”

  9. To Stef313:euxaristo gia to tip
    I use voipwise to call,it’s free in comparison to voipbuster.
    I notice today that i cant use fring with my earphone,that odd!
    Did anyone else had the same problem?

  10. how do you set up the accounts for this app???? because i’ve tried and it won’t work