fring for iPod Touch (version 0.9786)

fring Many of you are familiar with fring and as you know frig was developed for the iPhone however, they have had a ton of requests to make it more compatible with the iPod Touch. Well, you asked and they delivered. Today, version 0.9786 of fring was released making it compatible with the iPod Touch. Here is what the developer has to say:

Just like the original version created for the iPhone, this is the same special pre-release R&D version with some chat bugs fixed so now you can mobile internet chat & interact in fring-style on your iPod touch (I know I am stating the obvious… but as there is no Microphone the iPod touch…. it means no fring calls as well).

Doug and I also found that this version works a lot smoother for us. He was able to call Skype on my computer, I was able to call his iPhone from Skype on my computer and we were able to call from iPhone to iPhone using fring. Very, very cool! fring is vailable through the fring source.

Below is a video of the developer using fring on an iPod Touch.

Watch “fring for iPod Touch” on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

fring 0.9876

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  1. Angel Vasquez says

    I love this app, I have a concern. I cant see what I type! Anyone?

  2. What’s this app for? I mean I see no purpose if you have an activated iPhone.

    • The same question as asking why using Skype when you have a normal phone ;).

    • cool_guy says

      for Yahoo Messenger….

    • you can use skype to call other countries for cheaper…i always had a skype account on my mac so now i can call anyone anywhere in the world for dirt cheap directly from my iphone..this has to be my top 3 apps for the iphone!!!!…

  3. So, is this version only for the ipod touch? I have the previous version of Fring on my iphone which works fine, but installer is telling me that there is an update for it, which is this new version… is it safe for me to update it if I have the iphone and not the ipod touch?

    • You can update even if you have an iPhone. It just makes the application more compatible with an iPod Touch. I updated it on my iPhone and had no problem…I actually think the app has improved since the last version.

  4. great, thanks Brooke! I just wanted to make sure before I hit that update button!

  5. steve anderson says

    update failed thats all you get for this app

  6. hey does this program requires wifi for in order to be on aim, yahoo, etc and to make calls? does regular data internet ok or t-zones?


  7. When u use this app with the edge connection on the iphone does it charge for using Aim etc. LIke from your texting plan or anything. Or is it free just like on wifi. Because this is a great app and i always use it for Aim over wifif wen iam home. But iam afraid to use it over the edge connection wen iam away in fear of being charged.

  8. Errror!