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AppleiPhoneSchool It’s poll time again! The last poll was – What new features do you think the 3G iPhone will have? (you can choose more than one) Below are the results based on when we added the poll about week ago.

* Multiple Colors (45%, 901 Votes)
* GPS (76%, 1,512 Votes)
* Camera in Front (58%, 1,164 Votes)
* Intel Chip (23%, 459 Votes)
* Plastic Outer Case (14%, 273 Votes)
* Thicker (24%, 487 Votes)
* Thinner (34%, 682 Votes)
* Streaming Television (36%, 717 Votes)
* Multimedia Text Messaging (54%, 1,086 Votes)
* Copy and Paste (53%, 1,053 Votes)
* Video Recording (64%, 1,276 Votes)
* OLED Display (21%, 417 Votes)
* 16GB & 32GB (72%, 1,432 Votes)
* Non-recessed Headphone Jack (41%, 824 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,004

Great answers guys!! I totally think it will have a camera in the front, gps and that it will have video recording. I hope that it has multimedia text messaging and copy and paste…those are both long awaited features!! I guess we will just have to wait and see (not too much longer!!). You can still vote on this Poll in our Poll Archive page. You can also vote/view all the past polls on the Poll Archive page as well. Here is the new poll:

How many 3rd party applications do you have on your iPhone or iPod Touch? (Webclips do not count!)

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  1. I have 44, I can’t believe I have that many lol… installer counts right?

  2. I don’t see how people have more than 148 application (if that)

    Max Spots on Springboard: 16*9=144+4(dock)=148 total spots for applications

    and you still need spots for the default apps. Maybe an app that holds more apps? Please explain

  3. Does Open SSH and ForwardMSG fix counts? I guess they do, although I would not count BSD Subsystem and Jiggy Runtime. Or should I?

    Anyway, Now I have 23. BUT I had to restore this weekend

    Most valuables: Springdial and Intelliscreen

  4. Tiffany Womack says

    I think the new 3G iPhone will have wireless sharing features.

  5. Hi, i cant figure out the % of the last poll… isnt the total of the votes the 100% of the votes? I mean, how can all the % be more than 600?

    Hope someone replys…

    Thanks, fuser

    • atrophic says

      They were checkboxes, not radio buttons, so you voted for ALL the features you thought it would have. Therefore 1500 votes is ~75% because there were ~2000 voters.

  6. I just want to say it is impossible to have more than 149 apps on your springboard. This is due to the 9 page maximum. (4 X 4 X 9) + 5 = 149. The 5 is for the dock (if you use caterpillar). Although, this is including non-3rd party apps. So the actually maximum number would be even less! The only way I know of around this limit is to hide the applications using apps such as poof. Thus, the people who said they have 150 – 200 or more than 200 3rd party apps are not truthful.

    • atrophic says

      If you’re asking about Springboard Icons, I have 18. However, 6 of them are categories, made with the Categories apps, and they contain many more apps. All told I have 224 third party apps installed.

    • Look at the second comment.

  7. If only categories worked better, I would use it. I wish it just worked like a second springboard. Right now its slow and looks bad….

    I want it to when i open an app in a category to look just like how i open an app regularly

  8. talking about webapps! Anyone knows the URL for the wikipedia webapps? Thanks!