TapSearch 0.6

TapSearch TapSearch is a simple little application that allows you to search your contacts. The application opens to a page with a search bar and the list of your contacts. You can search by first name, last name or any word that is in the Contact’s title. You can also tap the Index button in the upper right corner to see the list of your contacts without the search bar. When in the Index option, you will also get a Preferences button in the upper left corner. Here you have the option to the turn on/off Show English Index, Start in Search Mode and Search from Start.

If you select a contact, it will bring up a pop-up with that contact’s phone number. You can then select the phone number to call that person or select Cancel to go back to the search screen. You cannot search by phone number which would be a nice feature. However, this application definitely brings a very important feature to your iPhone that the stock iPhone is lacking…the ability to quickly and easily search through contacts! TapSearch is available through the iSpazio source.

TapSearch 0.6 TapSearch 0.6 TapSearch 0.6 TapSearch 0.6 TapSearch 0.6 TapSearch 0.6

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  1. What can you do after you search for a contact? Can you send text or email? Does it give you the contact details?

    • Just tried it out. Basically only the phoine numbers come up for a contact. Then you can call them. No other details like email or address come up. It is better than scrolling through all your contacts, but then again you can just tap on the letter on the side to move quickly.
      If you have certain regular contacts on your homescreen that you can call, then this app seems kind of pointless.

  2. pointless… why dont u review intelliscreen instead…

  3. Macopoulos says

    SmartDial of Kate is much better..

  4. Nice application. One feature that needs to be added though is to show the phone no. type (ie. Home, Work, Mobile) against the nos. that come up when you select a contact name. It’s hard to remember which no. is what.

  5. Nice app. Much better and fast than Search

    However, it should have an arrow at right to see all the information about the contact. Something like the recent calls app