TapSearch 0.6.1

TapSearch The update to version 0.6.1 of TapSearch does not make any changes to the application itself however it does give it a new icon! I actually didn’t mind the old icon but, the new one is cool too! TapSearch is available through the iSpazio source.

TapSearch 0.6.1 TapSearch 0.6.1

TapSearch 0.6

TapSearch TapSearch is a simple little application that allows you to search your contacts. The application opens to a page with a search bar and the list of your contacts. You can search by first name, last name or any word that is in the Contact’s title. You can also tap the Index button in the upper right corner to see the list of your contacts without the search bar. When in the Index option, you will also get a Preferences button in the upper left corner. Here you have the option to [Read more…]