Linux Installer 2.0 & Switch-It 2.0

The following applications have been added to the BigBoss source. The changes to each application can be found in the notes below…also see the screenshots.

Linux InstallerLinux Installer. – The only change to this application is the version number. There are no visual changes to the actual application.

SwitchItSwitch-it. – Has new graphics. I personally liked the graphics in the previous version a little better. Besides the graphics, the application still functions the same as in previous versions.

Linux Installer 2.0 Switch-It 2.0 Switch-It 2.0 Switch-It 2.0 Switch-It 2.0

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  1. Hi Brooke,
    Is Apple iPhone School going to cover WWDC 2008 and post live News… ?

    • Yep…we will do a post tonight about how we are going to cover WWDC and then we will cover it all day tomorrow.