Linux Installer 2.0 & Switch-It 2.0

The following applications have been added to the BigBoss source. The changes to each application can be found in the notes below…also see the screenshots.

Linux InstallerLinux Installer. – The only change to this application is the version number. There are no visual changes to the actual application.

SwitchItSwitch-it. – Has new graphics. I personally liked the graphics in the previous version a little better. Besides the graphics, the application still functions the same as in previous versions. [Read more…]

Linux Installer 1.0

Linux Installer Here is a fun little app for all your linux lovers. Linux is an app that makes it look as though Linux is being installed on your iPhone. The part I love about this app is that ever though it is just a fun app, with no huge purpose, it is well built! When you open the app, you will get a pop-up saying, Welcome to Linux Installer. Please press install to start the Installation. So, when you tap the screen the pop-up will disappear and you will get a blank screen with an Install button. When you tap Install, [Read more…]