Linux Installer 2.0 & Switch-It 2.0

The following applications have been added to the BigBoss source. The changes to each application can be found in the notes below…also see the screenshots.

Linux InstallerLinux Installer. – The only change to this application is the version number. There are no visual changes to the actual application.

SwitchItSwitch-it. – Has new graphics. I personally liked the graphics in the previous version a little better. Besides the graphics, the application still functions the same as in previous versions. [Read more…]

Switch-It 2.0

Switch-It The only visual change to this application is that it has a new icon. The actual app itself functions the same though, it does seem to switch the icons faster than it did in the previous version but maybe that is just me. Also note that Switch-It is now available through the iSpazio source.

Switch-It 2.0 Switch-It 2.0

Switch-It 1.1-2

Switch-It is similar to Visualize 2.0. Switch-It changes your Calculator, iTunes and Installer icons to the 2.0 versions of the icons. Changing the Installer icon to the AppStore icon. It will also changes the actual Calculator to the 2.0 version of the Calculator. When you open the application, you will get a menu with two options; Lets Do it or Exit. If you select Lets Do it will bring up a menu with the options; Make It 2.0, Go Back to Normal, Help and Exit. You can then select Make It 2.0 which will bring up another pop-up informing you that your iPhone now looks like 2.0 and a button to Exit and Respring. If you would like to go back to the stock icons, [Read more…]