New Poll – iPhone 3G…What Will You Do?

AppleiPhoneSchool It’s poll time again! The last poll was – How many 3rd party applications do you have on your iPhone or iPod Touch? (Webclips do not count!) Below are the results based on when we added the poll about week ago.

* Less than 5 (4%, 67 Votes)
* 5-10 (11%, 201 Votes)
* 10-20 (26%, 478 Votes)
* 20-30 (19%, 358 Votes)
* 30-40 (12%, 224 Votes)
* 40-50 (8%, 153 Votes)
* 50-100 (13%, 239 Votes)
* 100-150 (3%, 55 Votes)
* 150-200 (1%, 19 Votes)
* More than 200 (4%, 68 Votes)
Total Voters: 1862

I will say that I was among the 19 people who have between 150-200 applications. However, when I hit about the 125 application range my iPhone starts to act a little crazy and I usually have to restore it around the 175ish range. You can still vote on this Poll in our Poll Archive page. You can also vote/view all the past polls on the Poll Archive page as well. Here is the new poll:

Now that we know what the iPhone 3G offers....what will you do?

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  1. I want one pretty bad but I don’t think I’ll get one….poor me(I’m not poor but just don’t think I’ll get one) and I still think is pretty exciting. I think its weird to release 2.0 in July but it makes sense because thats also when the new iPhone is out so idk

  2. When you buy your iPhone 3G you will need to activate it in-store, so you won’t be able anymore to take it home and use ziphone to unlock it without having a contract with AT&T or other carrier from each country where iPhone will be sold.

    • That doesn’t matter to me. I’m on AT&T anyway. In fact, I’d prefer the option of leaving the store and being immediately able to use my phone.

      This is interesting news though. Perhaps this is the reason that you can’t preorder/order one online.

    • DA187SUSPECT says

      But I noticed on Apple’s website that you can buy it in their store. Do you mean to tell me that if you pick one up in the Apple store, they’ll activate it in their store to an AT&T acct?

    • I believe that if you PAYG from the O2 the iPhone will be more expensive that 300$, or they will put you to sign an online contract before you can order it. Apple will find a solution, they can’t afford to sell it without an contract, they need to recover the moneys (think about what they’ve decreased the price to 300$ for the 16Gb version ;) )
      However, assuming you are in the US, you pay $59 monthly for the phone/SMS and then an additional $30 a month for unlimited data (this is required, not optional) so it will be

      $299 + $59.99 * $12(2) + $30 * 12(2) = $2458.76 (for two years)

  3. digitalfields says

    What a let down! No increase in storage, touch has 32Gb why not iPhone? No Camera improvements, I sure was hoping for the video conferencing rumor to be true, someone else will beat apple to this and they will kick themselves for it.
    What the hell is the deal with waiting for the 2.0 update and App Store to open? What is up with that rounded back? now your phone is going to spin around in circles when it vibrates.
    This is just too depressing of news for me to handle.
    Has anyone been able to replace the flash memory in an iPhone yet?

  4. 3G iphone was a massive let down alright.. Unlocking at the store only is rubbish, can only imagine what sort of contracts/plans these phones will be on in Australia. I paid $800 for my 16G and it was worth every cent, looks heaps better than the new 3G and now i got it loaded with everything possible.., they can have there $299 locked and featureless phones.. I’m more than happy with GPRS/EDGE and WiFi data transfer.
    Come on Apple you really needed to do better than that..!!

  5. in England and on the o2 website it says the 3g iPhone is
    coming out and pay and go!

  6. I was disappointed with the WWDC announcement. It seems that Apple didn’t change any of the device’ specs! All they did was added 3G and GPS. What a monumental let down!

    Most disappointing to me was the fact that Maps can track via GPS but won’t do turn-by-turn directions. I’m moving to a new state late June/early July, and I need to know where to go. Tracking is useless if the GPS can’t tell me where to go.

    Regardless, I was going to order up an iPhone anyway, on the strength of the AppStore, and the eventuality of someone creating an app that lets the GPS work as one would expect GPS to work. Imagine my surprise when I went to Apple and was not given the option of preordering online. You NEED to go to an Apple store to get one; which means that people like me, who won’t wait in line for a cell phone, will have to wait for months after release just to be able to get a phone.

    No thanks, Apple. You severely blew the situation. I will be taking my $300 and buying a separate GPS unit. I won’t be buying an iPhone 3G unless/until my current phone breaks.

    Sidenote: Dear Apple, I was all set to give up Jailbreaking and living off of the AppStore and 2.0 firmware. But your new phone gives me no incentive to do that. I will simply pwn my current phone, and add the 2.0 upgrade myself. Way to fail, Apple. Way to fail.

  7. The price is great but then the contract kills my buy. I don’t feel like paying for data plans, and the other contract things that come with it. THat is my main draw back. Going to stick with my iPod :)

  8. Yea, this was a huge let down. No iChat for Windows [rumored], no front mounted cam [also rumored], no increase in capacity [wtf?], and most annoying of all no copy&paste. If I’m going to lay down another $300, I’m going to need some more convincing El Jobs-o. I was so ready to upgrade, but there’s just no point right now. Talk to me in six months when you bump the storage and features for the same price. :\

    One question I do have – will the new “push everything” technology work with the current gen?

  9. I voted that I am keeping my current phone and not buying a 3G. The reality is, I am not going to be waiting in line or buying one from this crop of 3G’s. In the fall a 32gb model will probably come out and one with a slightly better camera. Won’t be a first adopter, but I am plenty happy with the way my current iPhone is setup.

  10. need the option: only if I can get out of the contract and if Dev team finds a hack. Please make this site more hacker friendly :)

  11. the more i look into this the more i think the iphone 2.0 release is more of an appeasement for AT&T. The main feature is in store activation, how is that a customer upgrade. We will have to wait for iphone 3.0.
    Until the 3G is unlocked, iphone 1.0 will still maintain its resale value.

  12. I am sticking with my old 8 GB iphone. I think it is far better than the new one. It’s metal not plastic which I can see break easily. Same storage for the 199 price. Don’t care about 3G I use WiFi most of the time and I’ve got GPS on my care. I think this was a major letdown I was really looking forward to a new phone with new “hardware”.

  13. I’m very much in two minds about the 3G iPhone. The tech geek in me wants one, but I’m just not convinced.

  14. Of course I’ll upgrade! For only $199-299, what’s not to like? I’ll probably be able to sell my 1st gen iPhone for $199-299 to the unlocking crowd, so it’s an even swap, for better features.

    It’s amazing to me how much whining there was a year ago about the first iPhone’s lack of 3G, and now many people (on this site) are saying it’s not that important. And no audio GPS directions? Who cares. Can’t you weenies live without GPS?

    I suppose you can’t even write a note with pencil and paper to stick on the fridge, because you’re addicted to keyboards.

    Last year Apple quickly discontinued the 4GB iPhone, and this year, they’ll probably discontinue the 8GB version, and have a 32GB version by the holidays.

    Third party apps will probably provide voice-assisted GPS directions via TomTom, maybe video capture, and so many other great applications which may need 3G to be fully appreciated, that over time, the initial complaints about iPhone will be forgotten, just like with the first iPhone.

    Expect 4-6 million iPhone 3G units to sell in Sep or Dec quarter. Apple will catch up with RIM Blackberry unit sales by the holidays.