moleskine 0.50b1

moleskine The update to version 0.50b1 of moleskine adds the ability to import HTML notes. It will display the correct format of the HTML file when you import it. However, if you edit the HTML file in moleskine, you will lose the formatting. How you import a note in molekine has not change, just the way they are imported so that it allows for importing of HTML files. So, no visual change to the application. I personally have never had an HTML file in my notes (and am honestly not really sure how you would get an HTML file into your stock but, if this applies to you…I bet it is pretty cool! moleskine is available through the databinge source.

moleskine 0.50b1

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  1. If you use desktop utilities to write directly to your iphone notes, you end up with this html. It’s actually pretty neat. The Notes program is a full fledge html parser, so you can change fonts and colors. BUT … this was not compatible with moleskine … until now … at least you don’t get garbled stuff anymore.

    • Apps like RemoteNote.

    • Remot note is one of them, but I think it doesn’t let you change colors and fonts. But even using remote notes, you would have seen br command in moleskine. I’m trying to remember the name of the other apps that allow you to do this, but I’m brain dead at the moment. :-)