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Summize I just realized that I have never done a review of a very cool, highly addicting, website. is a website, very nicely optimized for the iPhone, that allows you to search Twitter for Keywords. When you go to on your iPhone, you will be brought to the main page in which you can enter a keyword. There is also an Advanced Search option that allows for a much more specific search. In the Advanced search, you can search for specific words or phrases, people, twitters near you, twitters that include a :), :) or ?, twitters containing links and you can choose the number of results you would like to display on the results page. Whether you are just entering a keyword in the quick search or using the advanced Search…once you have everything entered, tap Search. You will then get the results page where it will display a list of all the tweets relevant to your search.

On the results page, You are able to Reply to a Tweet, View the Tweet and Expand any url (which will display the actual yrl and not the tinyurl) and Show Converstion. The Show Conversation option will open the entire twitter conversion right below the tweet. It is very well integrated and looks great. If you scroll all the way to the bottom of the page, you can view more tweets, Feed for this Query which allows you to get a RSS feed of the results you just searched for, Twitter the results, Show tweets written in a specific language and start a new search. The part that I think is really cool is that it will also tell you how many new results there are since the last time you refreshed the page. The only feature that is available on the full version of that is not on the iPhone optimized version, is the ability to translate tweets. Below is a screencast of the full Summize site which will give you the general idea of how works.

For more information about Twitter, including a explication video, see our Twitter in Plain English post.

Doug’s Twitter – ahhyeah
Brooke’s Twitter – bporter

Demo Video:

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  1. I use the summize search from within Hahlo. Works really well.

  2. What is a twitter anyways?