HandicApp 1.13

HandicApp HandicApp is an application that allows you to easily set permissions of applications. When you open the application, you will get a splash screen. From there you will be brought to a welcome page. The Info button in the upper right corner will just tell you that HandicApp is a Permissions setting Utility. To change the permissions of an application, tap the Select button in the upper left corner. This will bring up a list of all the applications installed on your iPhone. If you select an application, you will get a menu with three options; Cripple (644), Heal (755) and Cancel. I tested setting the permissions of an application to both 644 and 755 and both work. When I changed the permissions of an application to 644, when I opened the app, it just closed back to the SpringBoard (which is supposed to happen). When I changed the permissions back to 755, the application opened just fine. Make sure to restart your iPhone after you change an application’s permissions. If you do not restart, when you open the application it could make your iPhone hang though, this is usually fixable through a restart. HandicApp is available through the iSpazio source.

HandicApp 1.13 HandicApp 1.13 HandicApp 1.13 HandicApp 1.13 HandicApp 1.13 HandicApp 1.13 HandicApp 1.13

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  1. Richard B. says

    If this had a password option you could use it to disable apps you don’t want people to have access to. I know some people on the ModmyIphone have asked for an app like that. Maybe that can be incorporated in.

  2. Wow, what an incredibly tacky name for an app.

  3. This is a horribly stupid app. All this will do is mess up apps that are installed and cause developers more support. Shame on iSpazio for hosting this in a community source. Time for another warning on my page :(

  4. the app is not horribly and not stupid, is not true that it is dangerous.. btw handicapp has been removed from my source, i’d like to have an email from you and not spam on sites..
    i really don’t know why you are doing this.. maybe you have an aim… it’s very sad

    dear brooke can you make a post about this app that is not hosted by me anymore? thank you… and it’s not dangerous! nobody had a problem… only download stats for poof.app had some problems ;)

    • Thank you so much for pulling this app iSpazio. It’s great to have someone that cares running a respectable source like yours :)

  5. ispazo, well if it breaks other apps then its dangerous. Lol, at the bigboss. :D I was about to download this app to but thanks for the warning!

  6. ECENTRAL^ says

    Can someone give me this perfect app cause i cant use ssh on my iphone?And there are many people like me…Thnx!

    P.S Put it on the source asap!

    • Ecentral: you can use mobile term or term-vt100 to do whatever you need without SSH. Whatever your problem is / was, this app would not have fixed it.

    • And the fact that you thought it would have fixed it is evidence that you would have run the thing, used “heal” and had even worse problems.

  7. itshalo it do not breaks apps.. if you have an app and this app is working, you do not need to change permission to this app.. so if you use the brain the app is usefull and not dangerous. if you use it to change permissions to installer or other.. so yes.. it’s dangerous.. but who will do this? i think nobody.. or better.. i hope!

    btw the app has been removed, and me and bigboss have talked long about this.. and now we are serene
    i’m sorry for you ECENTRAL but i will not host this app again i don’t want to have people mad at me. use my email address if you want to talk with me ;)

  8. iSpazo, I think when you started putting apps in your comunity sources you should test them first then release it.

  9. tonyc311 says

    I feel that I have to say something about this app. Today I decided to get a NetFlix account. Then I remembered that there was an app that could work with the iPhone for a NetFlix account (iFlix). However, I could not find iFlix downloadable anywhere which made me sad. BUT I found a way to get it through a modmyifone.com thread. Got the app thanks to a user on there that backs up all his apps. I got iFlix onto my phone and into the Applications folder. But when I tried to start the app all I got was a white screen. Then I remembered I still had HandicApp installed. I’ve never actually used the app. But I decided to use it on iFlix and it worked!!! The app seems fine. Now seeing as I have only used HandicApp once and on an app that is no longer available I’m sure my happiness has no merit. But I just wanted to share that. I don’t plan on using HandicApp again but I’m happy it worked on iFlix. :D

  10. Wow.. i could of really used this app right about now..
    im trying to change permissions on my gpSPhone the GBA Emulator, but WinSCP isnt working for me for some reason instead of connecting to my iphone it connects to my laptop.. :S wierd.. but ya can anobody please give me some HELPFUL info, not things like “use winscp” or “mobile terminal”.. too general.. im not good with these things maybe a bit more explenation could help me out lol.
    thanks in advance. > coedra10@yahoo.com.