moleskine 0.51b1

moleskine The update to version 0.51b1 of moleskine, a note organizing application, fixes a bug in which the application crashed when tapping on the 1st row in an empty folder. That is it for this update! moleskine is available through the databinge source.

moleskine 0.51b1

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  1. Rosenfeldt says


    I was wondering if there is anyway to move these notes around inside “moleskine” – from one folder to another? The only way I see is the e-mail option!?

    Maybe a new upcoming feature?

  2. is there any way to turn off the accelerometer features?
    I’m always using my phone reading some notes and also swinging my arms around and pointing all over the place so the “shaking” features does NOT work at all for me. It always drops me out of the file and back to the root of the program. I always have to go back into the folder and select the file and find my spot again.