Instinctiv Shuffle 1.0.1

Instinctiv Shuffle Instinctiv Shuffle is a “smart shuffle” application. When you install Instinctiv Shuffle and turn it on, it replaces the shuffle feature in your iPod with Instinctiv Shuffle. It then uses an “…advanced AI to analyze what music you want to hear based on the songs you skip and the ones you don’t. Within just a few skips, we can play only the right songs that fit your current mood and activity. Based on skipping behavior, Instinctiv Shuffle™ anticipates what you want to hear next.” Once you have turned on the application, you can go into your iPod and it will change the stock Shuffle to say Instinctiv Shuffle. Now, it does all the work. As you skip songs it will anticipate which songs you would like to hear next. You can get Instinctiv Shuffle through the ModMyiFone source.

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  1. looks nice,
    but when i install it, it says “error main script execution failed!”
    i’m on 1.1.4
    is there someone else with the same problem?

    • ok…
      after the respring the app is installed xD
      so i guess you just can ignore that but i don’t know if it will work
      i’ll try it later
      but i noticed that you can’t use that shuffle on your playlists :(

  2. I think I am done with installing apps on my phone…especially those that don’t add value. I am tired of apps that crash your phone. I am not saying this is one of them…
    I just stay away form apps now.

    I relied on this site to test them and let me know if they are bad apps but I have being burned. The stock IPod shuffle works fine for me. I hope someone will modify it to allow accelerometer change the songs when you do a hard shake.

  3. this app is really good i used it for about 2 hours and it works like a charm

  4. Hey everyone,

    The mainscript error is in the process of getting fixed. Even with that error, the app should still work. I’ll post here again when we find the update and fix it.

  5. How does it know which songs i don’t wanna hear? Does it remeber the artist or genre?

  6. the way our app works is that once you download the music, we group all of the songs together based on how our machine learning has been applied to the millions of songs in our database. So all of the songs on your iTunes now belong in groups (songs can be in different groups) and when you skip a song, we do a process of elimination to find out which “group” (or mood, or whatever you want to call it) you want to listen to.

    Step two of app is that it also takes into account how YOU as an individual skips and listens to music and changes the groupings we have based on your individual behavior. Making sure that it customizes itself to you.

    The bottom line is, the app works great when you first download it, but it works BETTER, the longer you use it because we account for your individual skipping behavior and tastes.

    Does that help? :)

  7. Sounds pretty cool

  8. after installing it, I still have the same Ipod shuffle it didn’t change over.

  9. Thanks for the fast replie!

    Is there any chance to run it on 1.1.3? ‘Cause I’m not sure if it’s worth updating from 1.1.3 to 1.1.4.

    By the way: Is there any review or thread on updating from 1.1.3 to 1.1.4?

  10. This is perfect for me! I’m ALWAYS shuffling. I also have Pocket Touch, but I can’t seem to get the shake outside of app and the vibration when shook to work. Can anyone help me with that?

  11. If the Shuffle doesn’t change, that means you haven’t activated the app yet. to activate just click on the Instinctiv Shuffle icon on your summerboard, and turn it to on.

    If that doesn’t work, email me at and we’ll take care of it.

  12. atrophic says

    I saw a posting from the company releasing this saying that it’s only compatible with 1.1.4

  13. It is only compatible at this point with 1.1.4

  14. likwidfuzion says

    It’s not working for me either. Not sure if it is a problem, but I have WeLyrics instead as well (although it is not enabled).

  15. how do you disable it? and would it be possible to add a control switch to bossprefs?

  16. Is it suposed to work with an iPod Touch?

  17. So what happens if I skip a song because I don’t like it today, but I might wana listen to that song some other day. which “group” will it go to?
    is this grouping thing dynamic?

  18. If I uninstall this later on, will it go back to normal (how it was before install)?

  19. I really like this app. I’ve been using it all day and haven’t had any problems yet. Great job with it!!! Just wondering, ar eyou planning on putting it up in the app store?? I would buy this for sure if you did.

  20. Unfortunately, we can’t because of the restrictions of the App Store (hopefully this will change in the future). BUT we will be launching a web app in the next few months if you got to and register with us we’ll notify you ASAP when we launch!

  21. Would be nice if the feature worked with playlists as that’s pretty much all I use =/