Backgammon 2.5

Backgammon The update to Backgammon 2.5 adds the application to the RiP Dev source. In doing so, the full version of the game is no longer available via a donation. The game now costs $9.00 USD. It does however come with a free 3 day trial. There are not any huge new features or visual changes to the application so, the main reason for the update is that you now have to purchase the full version of the application. However, if you have donated in the past for this application, you will receive an activation code in your email (without having to pay the $9.00). If you have not received your activation code and you have previously donated to Backgammon, you can email proof of payment to Backgammon is available through the RiP Dev source.

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  1. Well worth the $9 if you love Backgammon!

  2. mete celik says

    could you send me the activation code for backgammon 2.5 please?

  3. are you serious? says

    paying for this game? Are you serious? Well I can always understand a small donation but 9.00$ it’s frikkin backgamon you can buy the frikkin board game for less then that . Insane

  4. i aggree
    i can play anywhere backgammon for free and i must pay to play in my phone, no thanks

  5. It looks cool. Can someone send me the activation code please…

  6. rezillik

  7. bu ne igrenc bi┼čey