Penguin Panic 3.0

Penguin Panic The update to Penguin Panic 3.0 does make a few changes to the application. The info tab, on the lower menu bar on the intro screen, has some new information. Instead of having Blue, Red, Yellow and Green snow flakes…there are now Blue, Purple and Black snowflakes. Blue is +500 points and makes your Penguin move faster, Purple is -500 points and makes your Penguin slower and the Black flakes will end the game. The Settings option has been implemented in the update. You are now able to choose between Easy, Medium and Hard skill levels and turn on/off the Deadly Flake option. However, the Deadly Fake option does not seem to work properly…whether I have it on or off, the deadly flakes still show up in the game.

I also found that if you are in the Credits option, you cannot select the Info option but, if you go to Settings or Main Menu, you can then select the Info option. The game play does seems smoother in this update then it did in the previous version so, that is good. Penguin Panic is available through the BigBoss source.

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  1. its a shame they fixed the bug where if you tilt the phone all the way to the left you can just hang out there, and watch your score go up. You can still do it, just not as long.

  2. When I tap one of the features on the menu bar (e.g. Settings) the app crashes and takes me back to my home screen. Has anybody got a fix for this?