Feeds 0.4.3

Feeds The update to version 0.4.3 of Feeds, a native iPhone RSS reader application, makes some subtle changes to the icon and updates the splash screen. It also adds three additional language translations; Czech, Russian and Sweden. Other than that, the app seems to look and function the same as in the previous version. You can get Feeds via the ModMyiFone source.

Note: You can add AppleiPhone’s Feed to your Google Reader by adding this url – http://feeds.feedburner.com/AppleiPhoneSchool or by selecting the Subscribe via RSS button on the right side of the sight.

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  1. I love this, it´s much better than smartRSS and MobileRSS.

    Add a Site to Google Reader, sync it with Feeds voila it´s on the iPhone, very easy.

    A additional feature would be nice, it the app could sync automatically on different time settings.

    Nice feature is that if you want to read the compelte article, the app open the site inside Feeds and will not start the safari, very good.

    Apple should think about, to add this app by default in the firmware ;-)

  2. Really bad idea to have webpages open within the program; now I can read the webpages, as the Feeds program doesnt do the same txt resizing and landscape viewing that is done in Safari.

    If the developers have links launch in Safari instead of the program itself, it will be perfect.

  3. Pls tell me how to add feeds? Through Google reader on my PC?


  4. You’ve got it, just add them throw Google Reader. Would be nice if the program made some mention of that fact somewhere…

  5. I have installed and uploaded my opml file to google reader. I synced the files on the feeds app and I see it going through and synching my list of feeds, but then when that is complete nothing shows up. I am using 0.4.3. Can someone help me out ?

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