AppleiPhoneSchool’s Live Video Streaming and Chat of iPhone 3G Launch

AiS Friday, July 11th Doug and I will be at our local Apple Store bright and early. We will be live streaming the launch of the iPhone 3G starting between 7:30-7:45am CST. You will be able to watch everything from waiting in line to purchasing the iPhone 3G to the unboxing of our new iPhone’s…all live. When you visit tomorrow morning, the live video feed will be embedded on the front page. We will also be embedding our chat below the live video feed, that way you guys can chat about what is going on. It should be a good time!

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  1. Are you guys already waiting in line right now:)

  2. i just noticed that when you get an app in itunes, u can share the app with your friends, so u don’t need to purchase it twice, and i hope people share the apps that they bought.

    • I think it just means you can tell them about it and send them a link…they don’t acutally get the application.

  3. I downloaded an app it seems its compiled into one file, cant drag it to the phone or winscp I can see, have to wait for 2.0 I guess

  4. 2.0 is released per MMI, take a look anyone care to try it and tell us what happens:)

  5. Great idea guys!! Should be fun to watch. I’ll see you tomorrow…

  6. Make sure you backup all your apps, customize, timecapsule and stuff people, as you dont want to loose everything if you upgrade to 2.0,

  7. According to Big Boss you WILL loose all your apps. if you upgrade to 2.0. They will have to be re-written before they will work with 2.0..
    I don’t plan to upgrade any time soon as I am happy with my Gen.1 jailbroken phone. Good luck to all if you upgrade!!

  8. There should be a live stream now, iPhone 2.0 is much bigger to me than any 3G iPhone

  9. The Dev Team has placed some pics in their forum showing installer and cydia working with the app store.

    can’t wait…

  10. That is so cool! :)

  11. Bookmarked…CANT FREAKING WAIT!

  12. people!!!hi,any word on when this gift to techno will hit malaysia????i cant wait!!!

  13. i always watch streaming videos online, they are sort of my past time.;;*


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