Save Pictures from Mail and Safari

PhotosOne of the new features of the 2.0 firmware is the ability to save photos from your email and from web pages in Safari. All you have to do is hold your finger on a picture for a few seconds. A little toolbar will pop up from the bottom and give you the option to save it to your camera roll. If the image is also a link it will give you the option to visit the link. The really nice thing about this is it’s saving the original file size. So once you plug your iPhone or iPod Touch to your computer you can pull the full resolution picture off.

TIP: I use this feature to steal pictures from my friend’s Facebook and Flickr accounts and use them as the photo in their contact info. :)

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  1. Yes!!! Sweet action!

  2. you can also browse iPhone wallpapers and save the pics, and change your wallpaper without using a computer.

  3. I noticed this feature by chance when I was browsing through a web page and I accidentally held my finger over a picture while rolling the page downward slowly and to my surprise a little toolbar popped up in front of me asking me if I want to save the picture.
    I wonder why apple didn’t advertise that or is it something that is working by mistake, I really wonder

  4. Very Nice! I thought I was going to miss IMGsaver from my jailbroken iPhone, not anymore. Thanks for the tip!

  5. Now this is a great feature!! :D
    Some more of these type of plus’s and there could be a possible upgrade to 2.0 of my part. That is after it is fully unlocked and with upgraded installer and apps

  6. Ist auf jeden Fall gro├čartiges Feature, worauf ungern verzichte.. :) Toller Blog , Respeckt

  7. jailbreak 3G Unlock iPhone 2.1

  8. When I download a photo from mail or safari it is pixelated. Any ideas why?

  9. “When I download a photo from mail or safari it is pixelated. Any ideas why?”

    This is a bug related to firmware 2.2 – it’s all over the Internet and still not fixed.

  10. Am I the only one that’s TOTALLY bummed that you can’t send pics with texting?? I even went through the iPhone User Manual (Apple Store online Support), all to no avail. I don’t want to send them just through e-mail….I want to send them directly to my phone “Contacts”.

    How can a $500.00 cell phone, in the year 2009, NOT allow you to send your photos taken on your iPhone (“Camera Roll”) in a text message to someone???……UNBELIEVABLE!!!

    If anyone knows something, that I obviously don’t about this, I would greatly appreciate the guidance.