Pwnage Tool Released

Pwnage has been released. We will be testing it shortly. This is only available for the Mac at this time. If you try it, let us know your results in the comments.

You can download it here from the dev team or the mirror from BigBoss here.

Here is a great guide from BigBoss

UPDATE: You will need the 2.0 firmware. Use the file you used to upgrade your iPhone to 2.0.

UPDATE 2: So far, not as easy as predicted. Only the 1st Gen iPhone is supported at this time for unlocking. If you’re looking for apps, they aren’t there yet. Installer isn’t even available. Cydia is but no apps yet. There is OpenSSH so you can dig into that if you want :) So, unless you are looking to unlock the 1st Gen iPhone with firmware 2.0, I would wait until Installer and some apps are ported over to 2.0.

UPDATE 3: A few bugs I see. First, you can’t run pwner unless you go through making the custom firmware. Let’s say you’re going to do a second iPhone. You have to go through the process again. If I’m wrong about this let me know. If your iPhone has been pwned before you don’t need to do it again.

UPDATE 4: I keep getting this error:2008-07-19 21:45:48 – Failed to prepare x12220000_4_Recovery.ipsw file.

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  1. Dude u can make a fake itunes account.go to the hackintosh forums for info.The acc is good but u can only get the free apps.I live in Europe and have an USA acc.

  2. Writing from my freshly Pwned 1st gen iPhone! I had a little fight with dfu mode, but everything went fine! Thanks Dev-Team!!! Gone for some PhoneSabering ;)

  3. i also succeeded on my 1.1.4 iphone. everything is fine. im wondering whether we can use that custom restore file to restore other iphones?

    first i upgraded my 1.1.4 firmware to the official 2.0 firmware, and then tried with the custom restore firmware, and thats it. awesome

  4. Did mine last night fine first time. Will the firmware I made work on my fiencee’s iPhone too? She’s on Windows.

  5. @Oli from the-iblog, The .ipsw will work on any iphone :P but her iphone has to be pwned first!

    Read here –

  6. Could any one give me a download link of 2.0 firmware for the First Generation iPhone ??? Thank You !!!!!! name shoule be ” iPhone1,1_2.0_5A347_Restore.ipsw ” right?

  7. See for instructions on how to do it on windows.

  8. Right.its on thepiratebay

  9. Douglas IS THERE ANY WAY TO ((( DOWNGRADE) it later ??

  10. bthomp2000 says

    I just got NES to work!

  11. eastiphone says

    Workaround for Windows PWNAGE users

    I have a HP DV6000 with Windows Vista Home and really wanted to use PWNAGE today.

    I modified a tutorial from Hack Attack : Dual Boot Leopard and Windows Vista | dailyApps to install OSX on an old external 80 gig hdd.

    I then installed itunes 7.7 and PWNAGE 2.0 on the OSX installation. PWNAGE worked very smoothly.

    Removed the external drive and boot cd, restarted the lappy into Vista and synced my newly pwned 1st gen 2.0 with my backup. now I don’t have to wait for WinPWN!!!

    Great work dev team!

    • You don’t hav eto go thru all of that. There are mod for windows users above….
      Find the Cust firmware…
      Download Neuter on ur phone now and neutter your phone…
      Download Itunes 7.7
      Install Cust Firmware..

      You are on 2.0.

  12. Guys I have just successfuly pwned my iPhone 1st Gen. I had no problems at all and I can just encourage everyone doing it. It works just great.

    But beware: In order to have this great experience as well make sure you are well prepared. Read this tutorial:

    Read through all the steps, make sure you know them (by heart) and you know all about your iPhone (eg has it been pwned before and is it activated with at&t or not). Download all the required files (links are provided in the tutorial). Make sure you where they are on your computer. Then make sure you have the directory “user”/Library/iTunes/Device Support (I emptied the folder “Device Support” before I used pwnage). I have used mac os x 10.5.4 and iTunes 7.7 and don’t rush with entering the DFU mode. You can reapet this process in pwnage so don”t rush. And never panik during the process. Stopping while restoring your iPhone can mess it up.

    By the way read the comments so you know what mistakes you shouldn”t do.

    Thanks to the Dev Team and success to everyone!

  13. so if i want to get third party applications on my phone i should wait for the next version of pwnage to be released???

    • na bro u need to wait for installer 4.0 to be released. Installer 4.0 will run on iPhone 2.0. Then u still have to wait for ALL the 3rd party programs in Installer to be rewritten to be able to run on iPhone 2.0. Its gonna take some time.

      Sent from my iPhone

    • That is correct. There are no Installer yet or confirmed apps that work on 2.0.

  14. KappaGirl says

    Done! I live in HK but have had an iphone first gen from when i lived in the states, and I restored firmware from 1.1.3 to 2.0 and then used pwnaged 2.0 and unlocked! If the program says that DBU mode has failed, make sure you have put this folder – library/itunes/Device Support, and restart the whole pwnage tool process again and this should cruise you through the whole process with no prob.

  15. I am using pocket money as a check book register on firmware 2.0, If I backup my iphone then install custom firmware with pwnage and then restore the backup will all the information I entered in be restored?


  16. Hey guys,
    I was just wondering if, the Iphone will be unlocked after installing this.
    I mean, if I can use any sim card provider ?


  17. so should i jailbreak now or later?

  18. I Didn’t think you had a mac Doug/Brooke How are you testing? If you are doing two phone that are the same just do a option restore in itunes and select the pwnage restore ipsw

    • That’s correct, I don’t have a mac. I was using a friends. The problem was that the iPhone has to be pwned first before it will accept the custom firmware. It seems you have to go through the entire process of creating the firmware before you can actually run the pwn. The older version of winpwn I have lets you run the pwner right from the start.

  19. has anyone upgarde to 2.0 and still got there custom carrier logo still because i have and im pretty pleased with it :D

  20. Hey Doug, since you asked for the experience, here’s a quick step-by-step video. Might want to take a look…

  21. Hi all,

    Great site. Just upgraded using windows….

    really simple, took about 20 minutes once I had all the files downloaded

    Now bring on super monkey ball

  22. Hey Doug, I had never pwned my iphone before and I used the new pwnage tool last night and it worked fine. I used liberty plus to unlock my iphone previously and all I did last night was follow the modmyifone steps with the pwnage tool and it worked great. But like I said, I had never pwned my iphone before and it worked. You should try again!

  23. Will this work on my G4 running Tiger????

  24. Aussiephone says

    I don’t see the value in jailbreaking a new 3G iPhone just yet, unless you wish to ssh custom icons or wallpapers. I’m leaving my 3G alone, but my 1st Gen iPhone on 2.0 is great. A phonesaber duel is just around the corner.

  25. Guilhaume says

    Hey Doug,

    I get an error 6 in ITune, fail to restore iphone after I’ve build the package and put the Iphone in DFU mode. Any idea where I’m doing something wrong?



  26. Essentially upgrading means we’re dropping all installer programs (for now) in exchange for App Store Apps and 2.0 functionality, that seems to be the only deterrent.

    It almost doesn’t make sense to upgrade this early, especially if MMS and Video Record apps aren’t up to date.

    I’ve had success running the PwnageTool on Leopard with none of the crashing/bouncing issues that others seem to be having.

    The DevTeam have a really solid release with Pwnage, but still leave a small window open for others to claim to be the first to unlock the iPhone 3G for use on other carriers.

  27. The famous step where it says boot neuter.. can any1 tell me the settings in details when bootneuting?

  28. and also.. everytime i open bootneuter I get a message asking me to connect to wifi and it always fail.. any comment? thx in advance

  29. sorry for the :Step 5: Grab a pre-created IPSW Made with PWNAGE 2.0 Mac. If you dont have one made you can grab one here:

    the right one is: Grab a pre-made (peaple cannot create only our GOD can create so watch out!!!!) IPSW Made with PWNAGE 2.0 Mac. If you dont have one made you can grab one here:

  30. is this process fully reversible?

    and if I have a jailbroken ATT iPhone that has never been activated via itunes, can I upgrade to 2.0 with this method? or do I need to wait for the unlock?

  31. 2008-07-20 16:32:25 – Detaching root filesystem from ‘/Volumes/BigBear5A347.N82OS’.
    2008-07-20 16:32:30 – FAIL
    2008-07-20 16:32:30 – Failed to build custom .ipsw file.

    Always happens on my 16 GB iPhone 3g White…..

  32. Just built a custom package, unlocked and jb my phone. Worked great! So far so good.
    PS Running 10.5.4 macbook pro. Version 1 iPhone running 20
    Actually the phone seems faster now.

  33. Las Pecas says

    what do i have to do if i want to upgrade to 2.0?
    Have a ziphoned 1.1.4
    do i have to restore? Pwn? or something else?

  34. A BRIEF REFLECTION between a patch and a hack

    take care


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