AppFlow 1.0-1

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

AppFlow Yesterday, Erica released AppFlow via Cydia (for firmware 2.0). It is slightly different then the AppFlow from Installer and is a little closer to Xlaunch (only with out the feature we really want). AppFlow is basically another application launching app. When you open AppFlow, you will get an alphabetical list of all the application you have installer on your iPhone. If you tilt your iPhone into landscape mode, it will change to a Cover Flow style list. To launch an application, single tap when in list mode and double-tap when in Cover Flow mode. What I was hoping to see was the option to assign the application to the Home Button as the double-tap shortcut. Maybe with the next version maybe she will port over XLaunch.

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  1. You should start using an “Erica” tag.

    Her work is just so good and of high quality, and I sure do love me some AppFlow!

  2. does it support badges?
    I have insomnia on my phone but it’s hidden and when using glaunch idk if insomnia is on or not bc the badge doesn’t show.

  3. ConfusiousNeverHadAniPhone says

    Thank God, it would appear we are starting to get back to feeling independence again and free from having to have the same iPhone as every one else on planet Apple ;-) Nice work to all @ Erica!!

  4. Its weird. I just installed appflow and when I make it landscape, it just shows me the list of apps in landscape instead of going into coverflow. Anyone else have this problem?

    • If you turn it over on one side it shows coverflow. If you turn it on the other side, it’s just the same old listing.

      Also, it rearranges your apps when not using AppFlow

  5. Installed Appflow and now my iPhone will not boot properly. Stays on the Boot Logo.

  6. I think this is a nicely done app but really what is the point when you can scroll on the spring board just as easy instead of opening up an extra app to scroll the samething? I think big boss categories will make things more interesting and useful.

    • May be it’s for people who like flicking through Apps? Personally, I don’t like it, although it looks nice!

  7. for some reason appflow dosen’t work for me. it crashes right on startup. i’m using 2.0.

    • aapflow doen’t work neither in my iphone, it appears to start showing its logo and then crashes and back to springboard.
      Also I am trying to install Xlaunch. I managed to install xlaunch directory under the applications folder in the iphone, and then what? how do I give it permission to run???

  8. This is awesome. Its very smooth and fast.

    Perfect for me because I like to hide most of my apps with poof except the ones that would need to be “zero-delay” such as:

    Camera, Phone, FastContactAdd, Maps, SpeedDial

    And the ones i absolutely use all the time like:

    WiFiToggle, Mail, AppStore, Cydia, Winterboard, Safari, iPod, PocketTouch, ReSpring

    Normally for everything else I use QuickGold and it does the trick and I couldn’t live without it. But it requires that you remember what you want. This is where AppFlow fills the void. Plus it allows you to just browse through them for fun or to remember what you have. Cuz it shows poofed (hidden) apps.

    I dont like Categories. It’s slow and it slows down your phone and QuickGold + Poof is my preference. And now AppFlow has fixed the only possible drawback to not using categories. Bye Bye Categories.

    Not to mention Categories crashes ALL the time. Plus the “folders” themselves take time to find and take up valuable screen space.

  9. i installed covrflow and xlaunch and neither work. coverflow show a starting screen and then crashed showing the normal springboard of iphone. any ideas how to make it work?? thanks