WinPwn 2.5

It seems that the developers of WinPwn are in the process of developing a new WinPwn that is, “a lot easier to use and should help a lot of people having issues.” I’m not exactly sure what that means…the current process seems to be decent. So, I guess we will just have to wait any see. They say WinPwn 2.5 will be released “very soon.” We will keep an eye out for it!

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  1. dimitrios tsolakis says

    MAYBE THAT TIME WE WILL HAVE INSTALLER as from 2.003 to 2.5 its a big jump

  2. does anyone here have any problems while texting?

    mine goes mega slow

    • Mine had that problem even before I Jailbroke it. It’s not evern all the time, and only seems to do it when I text back and forth with my wife.

    • Yep, same problem here, but then I just get out of the text app, and go back into it.
      Problem fixed.

    • These are some of the bugs in 2,0 but I have only experienced a few times. I just restored and chose ‘new phone’. Not backup. This is what have been recomended.

    • asa is right if u back up from 1.1.4 and try using it on 2.0 it will crash a lot… just back up everything manually and it will work perfectly!

      im on a first gen 2.0!

  3. I’m just wondering will pwange tool be able to unlock and jailbreak an iPhone 3g???

    • mattyb123 says

      It can jailbreak at the moment but not unlock.

    • When it becomes unlockable does that mean it will work with other services like T-mobile?

    • Yeah dude, you see jailbreaking is done to allow third party apps ( not in the appstore), and unlocking is done to make the phone work with other carriers like t-mobile.

    • Ya okay thanks for the help

    • yeah but as far as i know the pwange tool will only jailbreak it and not unluck it at this time!

  4. i think its made for iphone 2.1 (beta or released) whos with me

  5. Are windows users still not able to use winpwn? If we can how can I get it..I downloaded a newer version, but it brings up stuff about macosx…Need help please..

    • Cristiano says

      Buy a mac you will love life a lot more ^_^

    • nicktendo says

      If you can “buy a mac and love life more,” maybe you need to get a better life! Ha ha.

      I think you must be downloading the PWNage tool, which is for OSX. WinPwn is for windows, hence the name. for the official site.

  6. After I downloaded winpwn, i put in everything and did what i was supposed to do but there is no advanced tab when i go into IPSW builder? help what should i do?

  7. how about they make something really user friendly?

  8. WinPwn worked GREAT for me at with 2.0 firmware. I have first gen with cydia, customize, etc… I just wish I could change my default black background. Everything else (icons, phone dialer, etc…) is done and I’m happy. I still have my 1.1.4 as a backup, though! Yeah – two iPhones – don’t ask!

    • Yeah, that’s what I’m going through right now because of the 3G. It’s okay though, I use my 1st gen for a gineau pig for Jailbreaking 2.0 so I don’t wind up messing up the 3G! haha

  9. Doug and Broke
    How come you guys never said anything about winpwn or did i miss it? lol

  10. I see he has some screenshots of the wizard on his page. Looking good, cant wait!

  11. Ciekawa strona, trafilem tu przypadkowo, ale od dzis bede wpadal czesciej, pozdro