IntelliScreen 2.01

Available In: Cydia       Price: $4.99 – $49.99  

IntelliScreen The update to version 2.01 of IntelliScreen just makes a few changes to the application. The two visual changes include the ability to choose alert sounds (see screenshots below) and an IntelliDial screen even if you do not have any Favorites selected. Now, if you press the Home button to go to IntelliDial and you do not have any Favorites selected you will get a screen that says, “IntelliDial uses your contact favorites. You have no favorite contacts.” There was also one bug fix that had to do with the app not starting. Other than that, no major changes. Though, I sure am glad to have IntelliScreen back! I really missed this app!! You can get IntelliScreen 2.01 in Cydia via the Intelliborn source.

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  1. Is it free or not?

  2. yeah I really hated that one bug that if you have no favorite contacts and double tap the home button (which I tend to do by accident A LOT), it would bring me to my springboard, except there would be no dock (as in dock animation AND apps in dock), no status bar, and nothing would be selectable. Even if I pressed the lock button, the phone would lock then bring me back to that disordered screen. Good thing I turned Intellidial off, so I no longer get that weird bug.

  3. I’m on a trial version so far. Running Exchange and getting plenty of emails, however if I have unread sms and mail at the same time they are put on top of each other in the same field and are basically unreadable. Is this a bug or was it like this also in the 1.4.1 version?

  4. It works great when I was on trail license but as soon as I upgrade to premium, it just display blank screen. Too bad, it was a great for awhile. I wonder if I still can get refund.

    • Nevermind. my bad. it was View Layout. They get back to me right around 2 hours later, which is pretty good, considering they got a lot of things to deal with.

  5. Is intelliScreen compatible with Kate know

  6. I purchased the premuim license of Intelliscreen and it was running just fine until I updated the software to 2.2. Now the intelliscreen doesn’t work anymore. I won’t even stay on long enough for me to try to enter the license number. What do I do?