iPhone Passcode Not as Secure as Once Thought!

Settings I found out read today that there is a work around for the iPhone’s Passcode, making the iPhone not as secure as I once thought it was! It seems that when your iPhone is locked and you are prompted to enter your Passcode, you can select Emergency Call and then double tap your Home Button and it will launch your double tap settings. Meaning, if you have your Favorites set as your Home Button double tap (your iPhone’s Home Button double tap is set automatically to your Favorites so, if you have never changed it in your Settings, that it what it is set as), people are able to get into your Favorites even if your iPhone is locked.

At first this may not seems like an issue. So, they might call a few of the people on your Favorites list. Well, it also means that if you have an address, email address, Safari link, etc in any of the info for your contacts they can get into all of that as well. If you have an email address set for one of your favorites, it can be clicked on which then opens a blank email if they were then to select Cancel it would bring them into your email’s inbox giving the person full access to all of the your emails, contacts and info. So, when at first it doesn’t seem like an issue that someone would be able to get into your Favorites, it leaves room for them to get a lot of personal information.

It seems that the only way to prevent this from happening is going into your Setting on your iPhone and then General and changing your Home Button to Home or iPod. If you set your Home Button as iPod, it will launch your iPod from your Lock Screen. A person couldn’t do a ton of damage from your iPod but, they would technically be “in” your iPhone. However, if you set your iPhone’s double tap to Home…it will not allow the person to get into your iPhone from the lock screen. Even if they were to select Emergency Call and then double tap, it will just bring them back to the Passcode screen. So for now, until this glitch is worked out (which I assume it is a glitch with firmware 2.0.2), the only way to keep people out of your iPhone is to set your Home Button double tap to Home.

Via: InfoWorld

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  1. Do you know if someone steals your wallet they have your driver’s license, credit cards, and even possibly a library card? I have never expected anything – butfor the original Newton’s passcode system – to be 100 secure.

  2. Home Button double tap to Home it is. Thanks for the tip.

  3. Wow! Great info!
    Myself I do have my double tap set to iPod… and don’t use the passcode option.
    They do need to get this fixed soon!
    Thanks Brooke

  4. DJContagious says


    i never noticed this!
    cool, thanks 4 da tip

  5. Brogollack says

    A really issue with the security is that when u ar trying to make an emergency call u can call anybody.

    I am in Mexico with an unlocked iPhone first gen, and i am able to do it.

    try it!


  6. this was a issue with the firmware 1.4 since i got the 1.4 firmware jailbrake and i’m able to do everyrhing that brooke said on the post, Weird why are they notice this now???

  7. DJContagious says

    brooke this is your first post since last Monday!

  8. Wow, that’s funny. I just tested it out and am happy that I can make my phone even more secure. HAHA! Thanks for the tip…

  9. Or, running Erica Sadun’s “restart” utility from the command line over SSH will restart the springboard, and when it comes back, will be past the passcode lock. Then you could set auto lock to never, and be in their phone for as long as you want. Of course, if you press the sleep button, you’re locked out again.
    Or you could just SSH in and delete the com.apple.SpringBoard.plist.

  10. I was testing mine and u could send txt MSG and read people txt MSG as well why the put the hidden txt MSG on the passcode security anyways ???

  11. I have a 2G iPhone 2.0.2 (unlocked but not jailbroken) and the above mentioned BUG does not exist at all……tried PASSCODE on….double tapped before slide to unlock, double tapped when the keypad pops up….and nothing….it does go to ipod controls, but when I select Favorites nothing happends…..it just stays on the Slide to unlock or passcode scrrens.

  12. if you have to steal my phone to make a phone call!!! please do.
    Just return it after the call and don’t call international numbers.

    My fear is downloading an app that steal the info on my phone and send me emails and junk I don’t need like the VideoRecorder App…(Please stop sending me junk mail SWREG…

  13. galadriann says

    Hi Brooke… just one thought… please don’t claim you found this yourself as it was posted on numerous sites before… you deserve better than that… but thanks for passing the info … the more people aware the less the damage…

  14. Macrumors also reports that this is already known by Apple, and they should be fixing it in the next update.

  15. Dude…dont spread it around!! lol!!

    anyways thanks for tip! double tap to home it is!

  16. Firmware 2.0 doesn’t have this bug…

  17. Double tab -> Home it is then.

    Come to think of it, wouldn’t it be nice to have a “if you found this iPhone” screen if you double tapped while locked? Maybe even with some In case of emergency (ICE) http://twurl.nl/5wucwj info too?

  18. I knew this a long time ago on 1.1.4, but using the app called Dock. You just had to click on emergency call and them slide your finger up to ANY, i repeat ANY app that you had installed, even telephone and contacts.

  19. Apple are addressing this problem in the 2.1 update, so we should see an end to this problem, but if you have dock installed then we will have to wait for them to update dock.